Mounting of Beret and Stable belt.

Not sure if this should be in this forum or the militaria forum but here goes.

Whilst rummaging through the garage the other day in prep for my move out west I found my old beret and stable belt.

Does anyone know of a firm that can tastefully mount them as they'll make a nice souvenir / study wall decoration for the new house.

I have tried one firm but they've not got back to me.

Any pointers gratefully received.
Mounting of beret and stable-belt? Sorry, Seagull, I thought you were asking advice for your latest perversion. :)

JonnoJonno said:
:D - I actually did laugh out loud then but fcuked if I was just going to type "lol" like a chav cnut!
I must admit i dont know many people that have mounted clothing...

The norm certainly is to mount Medals, Bayonets, Capbadges and Cloth badges... Try and get a picture up for us when its done. Id like to see how it turns out!

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