Mounting a 50" Plasma

Discussion in 'DIY' started by carlbcfc, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Is this a wise move?

    People are telling me it will fall off eventually due to vibration.

    The wall would be above where the fireplace used to be. Old house, solid walls.

    This DIY forum is catching on.
  2. argos did mine..lasted a night,,, fell off..then they said it was me to blame as i had turned it round ? it was ment to turn round ...that why i got the ruddy thing.. they gave me a new one..
  3. I have had a 50" mounted since 2005 and it has not fell down yet. I do have it on a solid wall and not a plasterboard one.
  4. Also, would you go with a flat bracket or a tilt/swivel?

    I feel have some sort of OCD where I have to sit head onto the tv.
  5. If you've got doubts, stick one of these:


    between the telly and the floor.

    edited to be serious:

    If you have any doubts about vibration, use chemical fixings into the brickwork. They won't vibrate loose.
  6. Invest in a good bracket, and all should be fine. Do you trust yourself to put it up or would you get a reputable builder?
  7. I would not put it up myself, who would I blame then?
  8. The wife, for letting you do such a stupid thing :D
  9. I have a Panasonic 50 inch plasma and put it up myself with this bracket,

    It had bloody great fixing bolts that had to been screwed in with a spanner and I made sure the drilled holes were a snug fit, it's into a brick chimney wall above what was a fireplace.

    The hardest part was lifting a 50 inch plasma onto the backplate once it was done so you may consider getting someone to help you with that part, but if you have a solid wall to go into then I can recommend this fixing.
  10. 6in nail, straight through the middle.

    Job jobbed.
  11. Are you totally stupid?

    Clearly a 50" needs two nails
  12. Wouldn't it crack the screen?
  13. i've got one up and mounted over a year now, swivels and tilts and rotates and everything; bracket was three hundred bloody quid though, oh and dont use whatever bolts that come with it, get some serious big ones and use plenty

    definitely go for a tilt n swivel jobby or you'll get a stiff neck from sitting upright all the tiem
  14. For stud partition walls, remove appropriate section of pb, insert noggins between studs, replace pb and make good, fit bracket to noggins/studs, fit telly to bracket.

    Pick up telly, bracket, noggins, studs and plasterboard in the morning, as you didnt secure noggins correctly.
  15. I found one that tilts and has good reviews. Samsung mine, sound is shite, must get surround. LINK