Mountaineering gear needed...

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sweet_cheek, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. Hey,

    As my summer trekking trip didn't work out I managed to get myself on a mountaineering course instead. The thing is that I need all this gear now and I would like to get it in a reasonable price and still save few quid for new heels...:)

    I got some of the stuff but I still need to get few bits and pieces. I was wondering if theres any discount or second hand stores around the capital that would sell that equipment. There are good deals on eBay but because I have only 4 days left before I go some of the stuff might not reach me on time.

    Any advice....:)

  2. do you have a TKMaxx near you? They have some cheap sports clothing. or try army surplus stores, or freecycle

    and have you checked what's provided? If it's a course for beginners they may supply some stuff to save you forking out then not wanting to go mountaineering again
  3. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  4. What kit are you diffy?
  5. I got the clothes, I just need other stuff. No gear is provided so I need to take all stuff with me or hire it there. Its a basic course and it will take 5 weeks so It might be better to get the stuff than to hire it. I know I want to get involved in mountaineering so theres no worry that it will be one off thing. Ill defo try army shops.

  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I am no mountaineer, but I would be very wary of buying any safety critical gear second hand unless I was very, very certain of the history.

    Far better to buy new or rent from the organisers who have to maintain service/maintenance records than buying something cheap off ebay and hoping that it doesn't fail at the critical time because it has been badly stored/already involved in a heavy fall etc.
  7. Well,

    ice axe, crampons, harness and I need to get boots as wll. I got one on ebay, bargin it was, but just a bit to tight. Bollocks!! so I need to get new one :(
  8. Well, I must say that I can't agree with you on that. I found LaSportiva boots for £150 used only once, the same model is £300 in shop. Im not getting ropes or anything delicate like that so theres no need for maintance records.
  9. If you are serving then dont forget Cotswolds outdoors gives you 10% discount with your MOD 90. Seconded what someone else said about second hand kit when it comes to kit like harnesses/carabiners/ropes etc.

    Have you got an indoor climbing centre near you? The one that I go to has a classifieds board and there is always decent kit for sale by other members. The staff in most climbing centres are usually pretty good too and should be able to give you advice about what kit to purchase and where. If you are anywhere near Liverpool, Stockport or Stoke pop into the local Awesome walls climbing centre.
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I'd echo what Duke says about 2nd hand kit, albeit that my climbing was done 20ish years ago.

    If you don't like the Decathlon Kit (they cover everything that you are after) the Climbing/Mountaineering centre of London is based around Southampton St, just off Covent Garden, with Snow & Rock, Ellis Brigham and a few other larger outlets, as well as some smaller ones.

    It might be worth going there to see if they do rentals (their prices can be highish mid season).
  11. Gremlin is right, although there's another cluster just off Picadilly Circus with Blacks & Cotswold stores. Both gave me generous discounts on presentation of a MoD90 before I went to work for a youth charity in Central America.
  12. If you're willing to take a chance with second hand gear check out UK Climbing's website. I bought loads of gear from Field and Trek. Their located in Sports warehouse stores. I found them to be a lot cheaper than Cotswolds. As others have mentioned, Decathlon are pretty good. Finally try Blacks their having a difficult time financially so selling stuff a lot cheaper than it was last year.
  13. If you're getting a harness then buy it new. They aren't that expensive and it really is important to know the history of the only thing that could be stopping you falling hundreds of metres down a crevasse.

    Boots-wise Lowas will take crampons well and won't cost £150.
  14. if the boots are tight have you tried taking them into a cobblers and asking if they can stretch them?
  15. I know Decathlon shop but I have never done any shopping there. I always thought that its a very cheap shop and theres no point buying stuff there. Ill pop in there tomorrow.