mountainbiking in chatham

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by slopster, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. Gunna be based in chatham for my fit gen cse soon. Anyone know if theres anywhere decent to go mountain biking in this part of the country. Or will I spend all my time riding fat chicks.
  2. Nothing local springs instantly to mind as Lodge Hill is pretty flat. You'll probably have to travel a bit to find somewhere decent.
    You are right about riding fat birds, just make sure they are ugly as well to get the full experience!
  3. North Downs have a few tracks, but most of the countryside is private in Kent.

    Not a mountain ride but there is a good coastal path that a lot of folks walk and ride. Very scenic and plenty of good pubs en route!
  4. There's a cross country route down to maidstone which is about 8 miles away, but the return leg (which runs up boot hill) is a killer. I know, I've run it!!

  5. bet you could'nt do it now though CoJ, could you????

    not with them gammy legs, pot kettle black i know. ^^
  6. Lower the handlebars, raise the seat and adjust the brakes so that they're partly on. Everywhere will seem to be uphill.
  7. Depends what you call local, There are a number of trails around the Ashdown Forest area along with the North and South Down ways. Sevenoaks around One Tree Hill and also around Tonbridge near Merriworth Woods. To be honest there is probably better road biking than Mountain Biking around that area.
  8. Fully fit now mate. Took part in the Corps 10km recently (didn't do quite as well as I used to though) and now getting ready for another tour of A'stan.

  9. If you want fitness,easy. Chatham to Maidstone A229,when you get to the bottom of Bluebell Hill,turn around and go back on yourself,simples.:)

    You could always go for a bit of History,and try the Pilgrims Way to Canterbury,mixed biking.
  10. Yep if the artics and School run idiots don't take you out first.
  11. Victory cycles in rainham run a mountain bike ride each month about 30 people go out good ride! And good shop to friendly people!!! Also do road bike rides every Sat give us a shout when your about!
  12. good news mate, might see you on your travels. REgards.
  13. What's wrong with you Knocker, you're being nice to us cone heads?
  14. He loves us really ;-)


  15. G.T.F. :shakefist: