Mountain first aid course

Anyone know if there is one of these run through the Army like a Capel etc or is it go down the civvy route?
You can call the course clerk at JSMTC Indie and get it done through the Army. The Army should pay for it as long as you can get someone to sign that you 'need' it.
Did mine at Ripon, it was 5 chilled days and resulted in a certificate you can put in your MLT Log book. The certificate is valid for 3 years and the course title was "Wilderness First Aid". Hope this helps?
Got one sorted now cheers

Andy Sherrif in Wales does em Advanced mountain outdoor first aid course 2 days.
Sorry to bring up an old ish topic. Just done my MLT in NI and saw this advertised on the ATG website. Can't access the new version of JSP 419 as I'm not on DII. Apart from any prerequisites the course requires does anybody have any info on the course? If it's all in 419 then i'll just wait till i can get hold of a copy. Thanks in advance.
log on to the JSMTC website.

Lots of courses being run. Book it, pack it, fcuk off.
been on the JSMTC and ATG websites, got all the relevant dates for the courses was just wondering a bit more about the content, (obviously first aid ), whether it is equivalent to a civi qual etc.
It's normal HSW/MATT Resussy Anne type first aid but part classroom, part outside (my cse at Ripon went to Brimham Rocks for the day - nice!)
It is a civvy qual and needs to be refreshed every 3 years.

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