Mountain Biking for beginners

1. Wear a cycling helmet.
2.Dont fall off!
3. Cycling shorts may look gay, but they stop crutch rot which could lead to your tadgers falling off!
4. See 1.

LadyHamilton said:
glad you noticed Canteen.........

On same thread - anyone know what red and yellow flags flying on The Plain near Larkhill mean?
They indicate a no cycling area.
All depends on what type of mountain biking you are doing. Crosscountry, down hill, paper round, free style etc.
1.Get your self a speedo for the bike so you can tell fast you were going when you hit that tree/bush/mud/ stray dog.
2.You will fall of and hurt your self but it's fun... honest
3. you will get very muddy (part of the fun).
4. ALWAYS wear you helmet!
5. Stick with flat peddles till you are skilled enough to use spd's.
6. Get the proper gear to wear as it makes a whole lot of difference.
7. Always wear a helmet...

What bike did you get? is it a hardtail or full sus?

If you are a lady will you post a photo of you in tight lycra? :wink: ..... just wondering?
I managed to wreck two wheels in my first week of cycling on the plain after moving to Tidworth from BAOR. Just be careful on the gnarly downhill bits and look out for tank tracks!
Cheers for the inspiration. Just changed over from road racer to me mountain bike for the winter. Ive now got a big feckin hole where my right knee should be and a bruised hip from a tree that jumped in the way.
Doing it all again tommorow, cheers :twisted:
Crash Helmet; without it I wouldve spent the night in hospital.

Thanks for the advice and horror stories - so far no damage to me or bike - phew!!! Only a matter of time it seems though......

Like the idea of getting all the kit - any excuse for spending money but too much of a lady to post picture of me lycra clad - just look out if you are on The Plain. I'll probably be the one doing face plants in the tank tracks!!!!!

happy cycling all! :D

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