Mountain bike

Can anyone recommend a mountain bike (or what to avoid) for about £400?

I had the Trek Ticket 10 in mind.

What to avoid at that price is full suspension as it will be heavy and the suspension will not function as you want.

Check out as they sell on last years stock and have some good deals. another one to check out is

You have to ask what you want it for, some bikes are set up for playing in the woods and jumps, others more on the recreational side of things.
the GT avalanche is a good do it all bike.

Although it pains me to admit it - at the price bracket you're discussing you cant really go wrong with one of the "big three" brands, Trek, Specialized or Giant.

Rigpig makes a good point regards suspension, cheap, heavy suspension is worse than none - if you can find a fully rigid bike then its likely to have much better componentry for the money and much better future upgrade potential if you find you get into it. Another thing to avoid is "rear mech fever" - its an old trick to put a higher spec rear derailleur on a bike to make it look better equipped than the competition - shifters and quality of wheels is a far better thing to concentrate on.

As a first "real" MTB, at that price I'd point you toward the Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc - in my experience the kit spec and the overall look, feel and handling of the Specialized bikes just tends to tip the balance in their favour.
I use a very old(12) Raliegh" Stone fly" with a conventional frame, sprung front forks and a 90watt electric motor on the back wheel, suits me
Nip in the Colonel Gaddaffi, read through a copy of What Mountain Bike (near the back)

Theirs some good unbiased opinions in there, rather than buy what l have...
Go for a hard tail , front disc hyd brake . Should be able to get a decent trek/ Specialised for that sort of cash. Just ask yourself. Will you be better at biking than your bike? If not Trek it is mate. Pm me for more info if you want
MSR - As a starter rig, its a good one with upgrade potential.
Something that is often overlooked
msr said:
So what is this in English?

FRAME Specialized A1 Premium Aluminium, fully butted, formed TT, Double ORE DT, externally relieved HT, reinforced disc mount, forged dropouts w/ replaceable hanger, disc only
Don't worry too much about the frame. They rarely break and the dearer ones you are really just saving weight and getting a little more comfort and obviously better construction. What is important is the groupset, forks and wheels. The groupset combines the brakes, gearing and cranks. The least really is Shimano Deore. Anything less then that is prettyl poo to be honest. The forks on a £400 bike won't be much cop and will probably weigh a ton but if you're not racing which you wouldn't be on a £400 bike does it really matter? Wheels are the best upgrade you can make on any bike though the wheels on the Spesh Hardrock are adequate for daily limited use. Thrash them though and they'll soon fall apart on you.
pardon the spelling..

have used the GT agressor and it is a nice bike,

now have a Kona kula and that for me is a brilliant bike down hill and cross country.

question is what do you want the bike for?
Commuting to work along dirt trails.


These are 2 quality hardtails from Kona (Blast and Fire mountain £420 and £320 respectively). Rutland Cycling have an E-bay site with top bargains. My wife runs the site on their behalf so i guess i'm a bit biased however...It is quality gear and cheaper than most.

They would certaily fit the bill and be good enough for trail riding if you get the urge. I'm a mountain biker too so I have an idea what I'm talking about. Hope that helps.
Kona are rugged but heavy, and have a 'basic' ride experience.
I would go with the Specialized you were looking at.

And no l don't own one, l have a Whyte 46!
msr said:
Commuting to work along dirt trails.
have you considered a 'town bike' where you can use it on the roads and light trails.

other than that for £400 you can pick up on ebay a very reasonable Marin, Specialized or Orange bike if you dont mind second hand.

there is a brilliant web site, i think its whitstanley cycles (will post the correct link when i can find it) where you can buy current and previous year bikes. the previous year bikes are generally upto 50% off for the top brands.
Pop into Leisurelakes in Bury(I assume you are around there?) It is above Iceland on Rochdale rd.
They have a decent selection, plenty of parking and they do cycle to work scheme too.

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