Mountain Bike BFG - Good shops near Paderborn / Gutersloh?

Picking your thoughts - is anyone aware of any decent bike shops in the Paderborn / Gutersloh area that sells Lapierre / Scott / Gt bikes, tax free?

Ive had a look around the net and not had much luck, so any knowledge out there? Ive been to Peter Borne in Paderborn, and it was pretty crap to be honest.

Thanks in advance.
In response to my original post on this topic, some feedback for those out there that may be in a similar position of wanting a new mountain bike.

Two shops in Hameln, both very specific but good stock

Bunny Hop - good range of specialized and Focus bikes, however unwilling to offer any discount and from what lve heard do not have great aftersales. Once they have your money, cheers thanks see you later. But if you are after a specific bike or part, well stocked.

Fun Corner - who l eventually dealt with - were exceptional. As my german is basic at best, they spoke excellent english, do excellent discounts (l managed to get nearly 500€ knocked of my €2600 bike!) and thats before they tell you they also take one stop, so a further 19% tax off on top of that. After sales is excellent. Huge range, both road and MTB (and kids bikes also). Of course, l am realistic enough to realise that the 2011 bikes are out immenently, which is why l probably managed to get a good discount, but hey the fact mine is black this year and next years is blue, who cares?!

Highly reccomended.

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