Mount Triglav, Slovenija

Hoping to take a trek up this later in the year and was wondering if any ARRS'ers have made th Summit trek in the past? it might appeal to some on here as there is a weird tradition of having a good spanking on the Summit to any 'virgin' Triglav Summiters ... The Mountain huts look great, never turn anyone away and are usually stocked up enough to offer hearty meals and plenty of ale...

Is that anywhere in the vincinity of Slovenia by any chance?
Is that anywhere in the vincinity of Slovenia by any chance?
They say a True Slovenijan must have at some time in their lives been on the Summit of Triglav, a country known to produce some of the best if not 'craziest' Mountaineers!!!
Hi Tis a truly great mountain and well worth the effort, beer and hot scran are available at the huts (join the BMC and you get discount at the huts as well as good insurance quotes) a helmet is a must my last trip we had to casevac a young women with head injury (unfortunately a P4).

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I walked up to the top in 1996 - depending on when you go, you won't need any specialist kit, but the weather can be pretty variable. It will alos be horrendously busy on the weekends as every Slovene tries to get the mountain stamp in their passport.

Triglav National Park - Official Site

Just to clarify helmets needed due to the route which can get very congested especially the Kredaritca route. the loose stones are a hazard from above (the young girl was hit by a pebble from a group moving above her and her parents below the hut, sadly she had a helmet strapped to her rucksack and the strike was witnessed by her father).

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