Mount Everest ruined by "Hobby" Climbers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by swampmonster, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. The author is a bit of a knob isn't he

    He has decided he doesn't like other people climbing Everest because it spoils it for him.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Exactly why when I saw that did I automatically think gaurdian ******? Anyway its the ***** who leve rubbish and unwanted free issued kit from sponsors all over the place that are ruining the sport! Nowt wrong with amateurs, you dont have to be a **** if your not paid and if you are paid it doesnt stop you being one!
  3. He maybe a bit of a knob but he has a point.

    4 people dieing needlessly and 150 stuck in a taffic jam its hardly an epic achievement these days.
    Money some fitness and luck rather than any skil.
    K2 300 odd summittees 80 dead
    Over 5000 people have summeted on everest

    Over 8000m climbing should be left to mountaineers not tourists and for charity types its insanely dangerous and needs real skill and experience to survive
  4. Why don't they bring their rubbish down with them? One bloke took his bike up there, what was he going to do freewheel down? Sherpas are going up there to clean up and move the bodies and old ropes which people use and ...........over the side. Don't understand it meself.
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  5. This isn't a new story there have been concerns about this for years and The Times reported on it, the Guardian just being shit recycle Times articles to make it look like they are journalists and not just pinko hipster twats.

    The scenario is that big business and professional charity worker ******* with a sociopathic personality are determined to get their climb in because they have spent a lot of money on a what is very narrow window of oportunity.

    Climbers in trouble who could be rescued are being left to die because selfish ***** with no real business on the mountain want their summit. IIRC one woman climber who was in difficulty had 3 parties of yuppie ***** go past and not one stopped to help.

    The reason given for leaving the bodies up there is that it's too dangerous to go and retrieve them, strangely it's not too dangerous to take rich people up there though.
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  6. Yuppie. Young upwardly mobile and everest. There's a pun there somewhere.

    Problem is the countries that have Everest on their land need the cash...
  7. I enjoyed reading this blog earlier, hope the link works.

    5 media myths about Everest busted – Footsteps on the Mountain

    I love climbing, it's an absolute obsession. I've never been into great altitude but I've climbed alot. I have £5 on the lottery tonight and if my numbers roll in both myself and my brother will be making the journey next year. The cost of climbing ( when it is just a hobby) is unreal. Chances are if you can rais the funds for one big climb the one you will choose is Everest!

    Like the blog says the north face seems to be the place to go.
  8. Watched the Discovery Channel Everest Beyond The Limit, season 1 was in 2006 when 11 people died which is also in the book by Nick Heil Dark Summit - The Extraordinary true story of Everest's most controversial year

    Everest, beyond the limit trailer - YouTube
  9. Dont know about Everest but I hate to see any other bastard on my hill, **** off the lot of you, with your ****ing sat navs and two hundred quid boots and jackets.
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  10. Aye 1950 vintage Ordance Survey, down at heel DMS with tacks in for grip, moleskin trousers, a kagoul, a bobble hat and your mother's washing line for a rope* the only way to go IMO.

    *Good enough for Joe Brown it's good enough for me. :wink:

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  11. And a cut down wooden Stubai ice axe, just to make one look the "Tiger" ah those were the days.
  12. Surely a Tyrolean walking stick with all those wee badges you could hammer on. :)
    Much prefer my MacPac jacket, Lowa boots, shorts(Obligatory in NZ) and Leki pole.
    Oh and a Garmin GPSr for when the track isn't a superhighway suitable for 'tourists' in sandals. :wink:
  13. The author and those he interviewed does seem to be a ******. 'get orf me mountain I says'
  14. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Dear ugly, may I suggest Spellcheck and a copy of "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" before you reply?
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