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Afternoon Chaps!

Has anyone else ever heard of this? Apparently it's been out for the best part of a year but I've only just found out about it.

It's one of those Medieval type games whereby you run around on horseback & pulverise the odd peasant by bludgeoning them to death with a large mace.

I find this game especially appealing as I've always wanted a game that actually has Medieval warfare in the first person. Most games of this genre are of the sim type with the point & click, the others that are vaguely similar are the fantasy ones but they are usually ruined when OlafKnobzard The Elfshagger turns up with his magic stick & wipes everyone out with a spell. I cannot stand that sort of fantasy crap! The only game that springs to mind which is similar would be the Siege Mod from BF1942, which incidentally was one of the best games I have ever played.

There's something irresistibly satisfying about smashing someone’s face in with a heavy object. I often feel like it with my colleagues at work when they start chatting to me about something I really couldn't care about. My eyes gradually glaze over as they waffle on & I find myself wondering just how much effort it would take to knock them out or smash a printer over their head. A nice tap to the jaw there or just a full on slap in the face. But then that's probably just me...

Of course I'm not really the violent type, I'd much prefer to chase defenceless peasants around & massacre them. If it were all out war against the Frogs I'd probably hang back with the archers & then leg it as soon as things look a bit dodgy.

Unfortunately I don’t know if there’s multiplayer as yet, the official site says there isn’t any but the Mod community may have found a way. There are also plans to release a multiplayer add on soon.

I remain, &c.

It says you can download the full game but only play until you reach level 7 then you need to buy a license key i might have a little go of it later it looks interesting
This game is awesome. The protrayal of hand to hand combat is the best I've seen yet. The protrayal of mounted combat is absolutely amazing. When I first got the game I was up all hours playing it. There is something very satisfying about riding towards the enemy at full pelt, making micro adjustments to the couched lance and then dealing 200+ damage when the lance hits home.

However, this is more an 'engine' than a fully fledged game. There is not much in the way of a storyline or strategic gameplay here. Therefore, replayability is limited. That said, this game still took up about 4 weeks of my life as I dabbled with mods etc.
No doubt it’ll appeal to those Cavalry types. I wonder if the officers wear red cords or it includes that infamous incident with Catherine the Great :?

I think I’ll call my charger ‘Dobbin’.

Some screenshots from the multiplayer add on, which looks rather fab:

^Red cords under the chainmail?

DC - What system are you using to run it at that resolution? It looks pretty damn good to me, but I fear my PC will not run it at decent res/speed.

That's why I prefer console games!

You'll be glad to know the game engine is highly scalable. It ran fine on my old Centrino Duo laptop with integrated gfx card, albeit not at the highest resolutions or with the best textures.


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Just dragging this one out of the abyss to tell you all that M&B and it's first expansion pack (Warband) are on Steam Sale this weekend. You also get to preorder the next M&B release ready for next week. I'd never played it before this morning, and I'm rather addicted. Turned out to be a good way to spend my Royal Wedding day off!
Looks pretty good although I do like to head job other players on MW2 with sniper rifles at range, does this have longbows or crossbows.

and yes I know theres a screen shot of a guy with a crossbow on his back but does that mean you can use them over distance.
There are no Robin Hood-like headshots if that's what you're after.

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Actually I take that back. Once you've skilled up a bit, you can be quite accurate. I just stormed a castle, and while my guys were all running up the siege ramp I was picking archers off the battlements. I think because originally I did most of my shooting from horseback (which obviously comes with an inherent accuracy penalty) I just figured it was shit.
Right, one last post and I'll let this die. Just a final summary now I've had the game for a couple of weeks and can comment properly. I may even do a review on it later.

The Warband expansion realyl does make this series. While the first game gave you fun combat, Warband really turned it into a proper campaign. You start as a lonely adventurer in a new land dominated by six major nations. Each nation's ruler claims the throne to the entire continent, and so they're generally scrapping with each other. This gives you ample opportunity to pick sides and wade into some fights, be it as a mercenary, a vassal, or simply raiding the various caravans and wandering peasants working their way across the map.

Over time you build up your own following, and lead your own army in battles of your choosing. After some time learning the ropes you can renounce all oaths to existing kings and begin to form your own nation by beseiging and capturing the scores of villages, castles and towns. If you've made friends with any other lords during your time in the game you may find them joining your cause and bringing their own armies to fight at your side. Alternatively, you can reward your own soldiers with land and fiefs of their own, enabling them to raise armies to fight for you.

As discussed above, the game is very much a sandbox with no pre-scripted missions apart from the tutorial. There are a number of basic principles of inter-personal relationships, land ownership, prisoner management and "non-state entities" that allow the game to generate random events and missions at will - be it clearing a bandit hideout close to your king's main trade route, or freeing a fellow lord from the dungeon of a rival's castle.

The game engine allows you to scale the pitched battles to suit your style of play and your computer's resources. If you're more tactically-minded and your PC is up to it, you can have around 150 soldiers on each side battling it out at your direction, with you simply another footman swinging a sword. If you prefer to be more player-focused (or have a gash PC) you can scale down the battles to mere dozens on each side, placing the focus firmly on your own skills.

The game combines elements of medieval third-person combat not seen anywhere else with some basic RPG mechanics and quite a broad and free-ranging strategy piece. the Steam sale may well have ended, but you can probably still get M&B and Warband for less than a tenner. I promise, it'll be the best tenner you ever spent.
Once again I'm reciting a few verses from the Internet Necromnicon to pull this thread from the dark dark pits of forum death to tell you that a new DLC has recently been released for M&B that looks like it could appeal to you lot.


Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars is set in the 19th century and is entirely multiplayer focused. With battles of up to 100 players per side, firing muskets by the rank, fixing bayonets or chucking artillery around the place, it looks like an interactive episode of Sharpe. And yes, I'm pretty sure you can throw on a green jacket and grab a rifle as a Chosen Man. The DLC is going for £8 on Steam at the minute but does require the original Warband application which is currently sitting, not on sale, at £15. However if you haven't already got Warband you're a massive loser.

As an aside, having seen the hype on Steam around this DLC I went back to playing original Warband for a bit. I downloaded my first community mod, Prophesy of Pendor, and wished I hadn't - the missus is getting horrendously fucked off with the amount of time I now spend sieging castles and courting maidens. I according to my Steam stats I've put nearly 50 more hours into the game in the last 2-3 weeks, on top of the 120+ hours I spent on my first two goes around.

Seriously, I can't recommend this game enough.
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