Mount Adam, F.I. 1989

I've just been reminded of an incident on Mount Adam, F.I. which happened back in 1989.

Do any of you know who would have been on Mount Adam, F.I. in the small Signals detachment in 89? there was one lad out of the 3 Signallers who knew the Mountain so well that when an Infantry patrol hadn't been heard from for several hours he went out and found them one by one and brought them up to the Signals camp.

The patrol were all separated and were suffering badly, they were lost and hypothermia was setting in, he single handedly saved the entire section but I am not sure he ever received any award for doing that. I was a Sapper at the time on the Mountain building the new Accom for the Signals Det up there at the time, it wasn't til the next morning that we heard about it (we were probably sparkers after a few games of Fizz Buzz, Bunnies and 'Names Of'!.

I know the Sigs Corps is as large as the RE's but wondered if it might have been a well known incident? maybe one of the lads in that patrol are reading this and can confirm also?
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