Mouldy Garage Blues.

Did you know that DE housing only acknowledge the storage of a car in a pad garage?
When the garage leaks and all your stuff stored in there gets covered in pretty, furry green mould they wash their hands of the issue (unless your car had got damaged).
Also, when you call your insurers (Towergate Wilsons) they tell you that it's common policy not to cover items for mould and mildew.
I never knew any of this.
I do now.
Does anyone want to buy my mouldy stuff?
ga·rage   /gəˈrɑʒ, -ˈrɑdʒ or, especially Brit., ˈgærɪdʒ, -ɑʒ/ Show Spelled
[guh-rahzh, -rahj or, especially Brit., gar-ij, -ahzh] Show IPA
noun, verb, -raged, -rag·ing.
1. a building or indoor area for parking or storing motor vehicles.
Yes,I know. But don't say I didn't warn you when, this December, you go and get your Crimbo decorations from the garage and they're Knackard!
Nobody wants to help and now I'm all sad:-(
Have never understood the logic of having £20odd grand worth of car standing on the drive way and £200 worth of plastic toys and assorted crap and rubbish in the garage :)
MFO boxes up on bricks covered with an old basha or some plastic sheeting = nice dry kit. It's hardly rocket science is it.


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Mouldy Garage Blues?

Their first album was alright but the second one was shite.
Thats where you're wrong-see!
At best my car's worth £900. So there. (All my military stuff is kept in an air conditioned, sterile climate controlled ready room-awaiting deployment-so it's fine.)

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