Mouldy Bread

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Narcissus, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Ok so how bad is mouldy bread for you? I was just handed a bacon butty by a well meaning flat mate, the bread was falling apart and was not until near the end that I spotted a green lump on one of the crusts. Should I now expect to spend the next few days back in the bog pis$ing throught my arrse?
  2. No problems at all
  3. Naw, you'll be reet, if it's just a bit of that blue stuff. If not, you'll probably start experiencing crippleing stomach pains in about ten minutes as your innards begin to dissolve.

    Did you have HP sauce on it? It apparently 'makes a bacon sandwhich'.
  4. Nah mould just adds to the flavour. You can always just cut/rip out the moldy bits and be left with a perfectly tasty, wholesome sandwich.
  5. Yeah, I suppose the bread would be fine, I am still a bit worried about what state the meat might have been in! 8s
  6. Bread mould is actually a fungus. And it's carcinogenic, so go easy on the stuff and don't go rubbing it anywhere delicate.


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  7. Hypercondriac springs to mind old boy, sure you've eaten worse at 3 in the morning!!
  8. I don't expect to die from the fecking thing, just wonded that there must be a reason the shop dosn't stock it when its in this state, well I am sure I have eaten far worth things, not just the infestied pertre dish known as a kebab, but just for sh1ts and giggles, kind what the affects of it were
  9. It's funny how quickly bread does go mouldy when removed from the shop.

    That's the most boring statement i've ever made.
  10. admit it, you were scared!
  11. Yeah, just worried that my flatmates are trying to bump me off!
  12. Captain Pigeon.
  13. Do you own the flat? are they mentioned in the will? has yr flatmate been asking if yr Bose Stereo is still under warranty?

    Be afraid be very afraid............................
  14. Supose I should have started to worry when they started putting their name tags on my DVD collection!