Moulded ear defence

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Wedgy, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. I've just received my new fandango moulded ear defence but does anybody know the company that makes them?

    I'm after the adapter that goes from the ear plugs to a headphone jack so I can enjoy a summer of music on the motorbike!
  2. I thought it was RACAL?
  3. I remember some one saying the Shure headphones fitted in with little modification.
  4. shure headphones with the chunky earpieces work pretty well by themselves!
  5. Racal make the electronic hearing defence and comms part, there is a couple of manufacturers of the molded in-ear pieces and DC IPT looked at several types; including testing with recruit platoons. Most of this work was ignored as the Racel electronics was seen as being the most important part with the ear pieces a secondary issue. There is nothing wrong with whats being issued except they will be expensive and have a logistic chain right back to the manufacturers bank account.

    I find Shure headphones great on the train but too tight inside my helmet. I have about 5 sets of custom molded ear pieces and 3 of them are very very uncomfortable. The best ones I have found are I do not have the UK distributors to hand but in the recruit trials they would put them in before going to the armoury in the morning and take them out when they had finished for the day. Although the ones tested where with a frequency filter I did see a set with a microphone in them.
  6. I am told by the ear plug people that these are what you are looking for.

  7. Alright Troopons I am trying to get hold of the new Moulded ear defence ready for my TRIP and when I ask at the admin office about them they all look at me like I am a fish! How did you go about getting them was it through the MRS or JPA cash advance.
  8. If your Unit is due to deploy its part of its requirement to get all deploying troops fitted for them. Either RACAL will come to you, like they did with us, or you go to where ever they are nearest to your Unit. It doesnt cost you anything so dont look on JPA for anything. The only cost is when you buy a pair of Shure headphones that fit in the issued plugs!
    Failing all the above and you need them short notice, you can go direct to RACAL but this is last resort and needs to be cleared.
  9. They are provided through the system, RACAL come out to the unit and mould ears, take the impressions away and create ear plugs custom made for you. You may have to go to another unit to get your mouldings done if your unit isn't deploying as a whole. There are a few of us who are now qualified to take the impressions but there are problems with us doing the impressions before a tour. (the company that makes them are apparently billing the unit £1000 for any unsuitable impressions sent to them, its one way of making sure that they keep their guys employed to do the mouldings. Mouldings sent to UK from theatre won't attract this bill should they be found unsuitable)
    4 sets should be made, 2 for immediate issue and 2 to be kept for you in stores. As the ear defence are cheaper to replace than pay out for hearing loss nobody is going to get billed should they ever get lost/damaged. (£75 a set apparently)
  10. Any pictures of this kit at all?
  11. You want pics of the plugs?
  12. sad, but I can find some for you tomorrow
  13. im feeling generous, give me 5!
  14. Plugs

    With Shure Headphones fitted.
  15. no pics of the noise suppression box? I'm disappointed.