Motorway Rant

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Chuzu, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Was driving on the M62 yesterday and this old git in a green skoda was doing 50 in the middle lane (left was clear) and i was thinking what else on motorways grips your sh1t.
  2. So did you undertake him, cut back in front of him then slow down to 40 ?

    I hate ppl who cut across from lane 3 to exit at the last minute. Ppl who are unable to join the motorway. The laws of physics dictate that if you are going the same speed as the vehicle at the side of you then you will not get out. If you are going slower then you are a hindrance. The middle lane cruisers who just sit there when there is absolutely nothing on the inside. ppl who undertake on the slip road then cut back in.
  3. People who instead of keeping their distance and a steady speed if traffic so you end up stopping and starting for 10 miles
  4. All of the above.........

    And people who wait until you're just alongside overtaking and THEN match your speed for a few miles..

    People who think they have to go out to lane three within 2 seconds of entering the motorway...

    People who are under the impression that they are sooooooo speshul that when there is a lane closed for some reason and all of the other traffic has moved over so they think they are important enough to go straight past everyone and cut in the front

  5. BMW drivers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they need reminding that they don't own the outside lane .......and can use lane one if nothing else is in it.

    nuff said,just deleted the swearing as have'nt had enough beer yet.
  6. I thought that you had exclusive rights to the outside lane when you bought a BMW

  7. Usually BMW drivers.......nuff said
  8. 'Tis true. Page 42 of the owners manual of of every model clearly states:

  9. I overtook in the right hand lane after flashing my headlights to ask him to move over which he ignored.
  10. I usually undertake - in my artic - then look at them with my perfected puzzled expression. They usually pull in just after I pass them.
  11. You leave the correct gap to allow for braking and some p3nis thinks thas a gap for them to pull out into!

    I find you have to drive to accomodate other drivers or you would have about 10 RTA's a day, no one seems to know how a roundabout works nowadays and they also appear to have given up reading the floor markings or signs telling them which lane they should be in, they just drift around like their in a fcuking dodgem car!
  12. Roundabouts are like a curry pot all go in and something comes out. I was told that up to 12 o clock straight on so left hand lane 1 - + right lane. On big roundabouts you are supposed to peel off as you go round, however as you said no one seems to take the hint of reading the markings and just beep the horn when THEY fcuk up
  13. Completely agree with you. Roads are full of complete tw@s who forgot what they learned (if they ever did) on their driver learning course (if they ever did one)
  14. You can easily spot a stolen BMW as that'll be the one using its indicators correctly.
  15. Best thing i ever got told when learning to drive

    "Listen tw@t, every other tw@t out there is trying to kill you with 2 tons of metal."
    "Drive with that in mind, at all times, Remember that and we may get back to camp"

    Stood me in good stead for the last 20 odd years,
    Everyone out there is trying to kill me *)