Motorway madness?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by VerminWA, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Been caught in a jam recently? Like a 10 mile jam where the police have shut a motorway? Well it’s happened to me twice recently; a 50 minute drive has turned into a 4-5 hour long trek trying to get the last 30 miles.(M25)

    Are accidents becoming more horrific………I don’t think so, cars are much better built these days and due to the advent of ABS pile ups are rare. Does the rise in traffic does mean it takes longer for ambulances to arrive….again we now have air ambulances so I doubt it. So why is it that it takes hours to clear the motorway and let tens of thousands of people, each with their own dead lines, to get on with their lives.

    As far as I can make out it boils down to the Police and the need to apportion blame. It seems that we can no longer just have an accident anymore, you can’t even call it an accident it is now an incident, RTA's have beenwiped from the vocabulary, they are now RTC (collision) or RTI (incident). The scene of an accident has to be measured, photographed, witnesses interviewed and this process cannot start until the accident investigation team arrive.

    Why can’t we just get people out of the cars, get them treated and evacuated and bulldoze the mess to the hard shoulder, put big screen round it to stop rubber neckers and clear it at a less busy time. This would help get the motorways moving again and save the country millions in lost revenue…………

  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Correct, police these days have to treat any incident as a crime scene...I think anyway thaty involve injuries etc. I can understand it to a certain pov, but some of the ones near me have been a bit silly. Mway has been closed before for most of a day because a man jumped off a bridge. Sad, yes, tragic definitely.

    But he jumped off a bridge and was hit by a big lorry.

    Not exactly gonna get any forensic evidence are they??? close the bridge he jumped from if they have to look for signs of murder etc but to snarl up one of the principal transport routes for the region and the surrounding area to scrape bits of the road?

    The other thing that incenses me at the moment, is roadworks. i understand the need to repair roads etc, but why impose a 50 mph limit when no work is being done, and all three lanes are open??

    edited mong!
  3. If the delay was on the M25 its more likly that the highways agency were involved.

    Again another Blair Labour cock up. Instead of expanding the motorway police they set up another agency at much greater cost and as has been pointed out with less efficency.

    I dont know why they just did not expand the BTP to cover all main roads and let the local police be freed up to cover their local patch. We then would have had a nation wide traffic police.
  4. I'm not so sure the police are to blame - it's more due to the sheer quantity of cars on the road. There are too many vehicles for the size of roads so when a blockage occurs there is very quickly a huge back up. That and the fact that a large number of drivers are rubbish, usually being distracted by their mobiles/CD players/iPod plug-ins to drive a sensible distance behind the bloke in front. And there's the lorries ... god I hate those feckers ... they don't care about cars so jump out into the middle lane (if they aren't already there, the bstards) even if the gap is only marginally longer then the whole bluddy articulated unit. And there's millions of em too. What's wrong with moving all your shagging freight on the trains ?

    Answers ? Nationalise the trains to make them cheap and efficient. Better bus and coach services so that people would actually consider it as a viable option. Speed limiters fitted to every car (and fecking lorries) to restrict speeds to 50 mph max, not to make it safer on the roads but to p*ss people off sifficiently so that they may consider using the (cheaper and more efficient) train/bus services.

    I think I'll stand for parliament.
  5. People injured/ killed or property damaged has to be investigated by police
    at the scene of the RTC.Unfortunately, when it happens on the motorway, it does affect a lot of motorists,but you have to be patient you will not find an easier route to get off the m/way.If you are lucky to be at the services when it happens then stay there until the incident has been cleared up bearing mind there will be tailbacks for miles.
  6. Didn't we try that and it became a hotbed of union activists and became the exact opposite!
  7. A3 Bedhampton per chance?
  8. At the cost of thousands of others? I disagree, I believe that they are here to serve the public as a whole, leaving people on the motorway in baking heat for 4+ hours is close to false imprisonment in my eyes. Ok they may have turned up in a helicopter with some bottles of water but that doesn't make holding them there while they measure skid marks ok!
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Thers also the small matter of petrol, oil, deisel, anti-freeze and blood to be washed away safely. And I for one do not wish to have the following conversation.

    (Officer) "Crash on the M8 Sir. Your missus copped it. Sorry. What? Oh, we aint got a scooby what happened. We just shunted the mess to the side of the road and stuck a screen round it. Some of those sales reps have targets to hit you know?"

    So you're pissed off sitting for an hour? Not as pissed off as the poor sods in the back of the ambulances.
  10. Correct that man you win a cigar.

    lamp swings: Driving along the M25 and hit the begining of a tail back. As I'm in the landrover I can see the cause, a car stopped in the outside lane. I finally get to the front and find that the "driver" is out of the car, bonnet up and trying to fix it, not get it to the side of the road.

    I pull in front, go up to the bloke and suggest that he moves the vehicle out of the way. The truckers who saw me, stopped traffic on the inside 2 lanes and allowed me to get back to my car both were shaking their heads.

    I know I was trained at Leconsfield but FFs common sense must prevail at some point.


    My bold
  11. I can understand it when there is a fatality but the last big one I was stuck in there were no fatalities. And it's not just one hour, its hours times however many people are in the jam so it's thousands of hours! And I do feel for some of the people in those ambulances but some of them are there because they thought their mobile phone etc required more attention than their 80mph car!
  12. Well, it worked well before 1996 didn't it :roll:
  13. The M25 around the Heathrow area is terrible. It all boils down to changing speed restrictions from one junction to another. Compared to other European countries, our motorway system is a farce!
  14. I know alot of people hate them, but I have alot of respect for Traffic Police. It's them who have to clean up after terrible accidents and tell the loved ones the tragic news. They are not only about stopping you for a self-inflicted offence of speeding.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Well said yer Worship. People forget they're often first on the scene. And all the data that they collect goes back somewhere, is analysed and used to make roads & motorways safer places.