Motorway Madness - Boxhead style!

Not so different from the Mungs who do the same here in the UK. Heavy rain, thick fog and its the usual Motorway pile ups...

Fark-mutts drving too fast, too close and thinking with their teensy-little brain cells..... that its just another normal day going to the office...

I see every winter here on the A12. A normal 2-lane each way 'A' road that is treated like a race track by Mutton-heads. Always accidents around the Witham to Kelvedon stretch Ipswich bound. Always guaranteed for police, fire and paramedics call-out when any fog, ice or snow appears....

Just the normal reaction of the motoring Fark-headed Mutton F*ckers... public driving like its always a nice dry, sunny day.... going to the office... :roll: :roll: 8O
Just like the bunch of pea brained CHAVs who were driving southbound on the M6 yesterday near Walsall, without lights in driving rain and breaking all knowns speed limits. They are just as bad as the drivers who think you have a crystal ball and they don't need to indicate when pulling in etc.
hat was interesting. Not the "driving too fast in the rain and crashed" story, but the one about "Nazi Gnomes" underneath it
Saw this, 259 bent motors and 31 badly bent people (get well :) ) but the thing that struck me from the , several , videos online is the lack of fire. Unless there's a real mess in there somewhere that nobody chose to shoot then it's almost an advert for how safe cars are these days.

I found it very edumictional ;)
carlbcfc said:
The local recovery contractor will be happy.
The Box-heads do seem to get a grip with their Autobahn piles up much quicker than we do on our Motorways.
All the bad ones that I've seen in this country tend have throbbers trying to use the emergency hard shoulder to get through.
The Germans don't have compunction in stopping both directions of traffic and getting helicopters in asap.
The Teutonic desire for mass-rallies not over then!
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