Motorola Defy, Nokia N8, or HTC Desire

Either one of these will cost me £50 excess regardless. What do you think?

Moto Defy: uses Android 2.2 but upgradeable. Has 'Gorilla Glass', so no scratches. Is waterproof (to an extent), and can survive being dropped from heights. Sounds bloody perfect!

Nokia N8: 12mp camera

HTC Desire: Currently using one as a temp phone. I like it, if only the batter would last. Few pics and browsing while out with the kids today and it was dead my 4pm. Useful apps, Endomondo Sports Tracker, gmail linkup...

I asked for an HTC Desire HD. The told me I could have it for a £100 upgrade fee on top of my excess, even offered the Sony Play for £150 + excess the cheeky cvnts! I would also take a Desire S.

I am leaning towards the Moto Defy, never thought I would ever own one again after the crap they have recently been selling, but it seems an Android phone, is an Android phone these days. It sells £200 on flebay, if i do not like it I could always flog and put towards a HD. What do you think?
Id go for the Desire mate. Maybe have a look at sticking some widgets or shortcuts on one the screens to enable you to easily turn on/off any big battery drainers when not being used. e.g wireless, gps, data.I'm getting about 3-4 days out mine at present.The missus has just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy SII, it's cracking, maybe another to consider although it will definately be pricier.


Im using a Motorola Defy and can say its a great phone. Getting emails, facebook, twitter and the news on it. Its a hardy little phone with two days battery life which is always good.

Had an Iphone before and Motorola Defy is far superior.

Hope this helps.


Id say the way you can create your own screens. You have 7 screens without going into your menu that you can place various apps/icon on. So everything is at the touch of your hand and if you really need anything else you go to the menu. It syncs with google and pulls contact to you address book from there and facebook and twitter. You can go to android market and get any app you like. Its windows compatable. I just think its a great phone but thats just me.
its all personal preference but I currently have the Defy..... Ive had it for about 8 months and Im on my 4th phone.... first one the speaker broke (very common problem), the 2nd - got wet and stopped working, definitely not water proof/resistant, the 3rd - the speaker went again, luckily as its such a common problem Motorola are happy to fix them/replace them.... but its still a chore because you lose all your settings!

When it was running Android 2.1 it was really good, it then got an update to froyo and it has so many glitches that I restart it at least once a day, it will definitely not cope with gingerbread!

Ive heard a lot of good things about the HTC, Nokia is using Symbian which is a completely dead technology... the apps and updates are rubbish/non-existant anymore...all personal preference of course!
I really am stumped here. I like the HTC's, but the battery does not last long with my usage. The Defy looks good, but maybe not as good as the Desire. They have told me to suggest some phones and they will tell me what it will cost. The phones they offer for just the excess fee alone seem to be the ones that have either had problems, or do not sell. Obviously the reason for that is they supply refurbs.

The HTC screens is quality. Are all androids this smart looking on screen?
Got a Defy. It is tough - dropped it loads and still functioning. The screen is very tough. Reasonable power and okay smoothness especially given its low price and excellent features. However, and I don't know if this is restricted to me, the touchscreen spazzes out typically after 15-30 seconds of use, sending swype tracks everywhere, or pressing buttons I don't want it to press. It messes up even quicker in hot weather when I have sweaty hands. I have to touch the top button to shut the screen off and try again. Irritating.

The ability to check emails on the go, Internet, etc, is absolutely excellent but you see that with all new smartphones. T-Mobile do unlimited Internet on any Android phone.

If the Defy is the same price as the Desire for you, get the Desire, with a tough case.

Has anyone else had touchscreen issues?
I have been haggling with them with no success. They said I can have a Desire HD for a £100 "upgrade fee", also a Desire S (upgraded Desire), or a Samsung Galaxy S, for £80 "upgrade fee". The nob I am dealing with also told me I have to ADD the £50 excess fee on top, making any deal worthless as they are a similar price 2nd hand, and after all, I will only be getting a refurb replacement.

So whats the deal with excess? My understanding is they quoted me £100 upgrade fee, therefore I pay the first £50 with my excess, they pay the rest. Anybody know more?
Got an HTC Desire HD .... as a phone its crap, signal reception is very poor , I can't use it at home where as my old Nokia N95 worked fine , the screen is not easy to read in sunlight ,the camera is also not good... and the video very poor compared to an i phone 4 , the navigation isn't great...again due to poor signal reception I suspect, I wish I had got an i phone.


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recent stuff out says that any smartphone lacks room for a decent aerial so the calls are worse. my missus has an xperia which gets reception on the stairs and in the bathroom but not downstairs, her old walkman phone receives anywhere.
I've got the N8.....simple to use and the camera is the dogs bollocks...saves me carrying my 'proper' camera about with me. Battery life much better than other phones I've had, one downside is the screen can freeze now and again flicking between pages but overall I'm more than happy I got it free!
Being a technophobe, I'm not fully conversant with all these widget thingys, but I decided to go modern and try the Desire Z - that's the one with the flippy out keyboard. Just as well I did as my fingers don't react too well on the touch screen - not a problem that's limited to the Desire, I have the same problem with touchpads on laptops.

Battery life is indeed a problem, but by switching the mobile data off, I get at least three days out of it - a bit of a disappointment given that I've stuck to Ericsson in the past and have grown used to 10+ days of battery life. My plan to get round this is to buy a micro USB battery extender (4xAA) - that'll give the portable ability to keep it going for a week or more, even dipping into mobile data, GPS, etc.
I've been using an N8 for about nine months so far & have been very happy with it. I have had the problem jack-daniels had with the windows freezing, but there is a proper button to press to get to the main screen & shut things down from there.

Battery life was pants until I turned off all the news apps I had added - the BBC seemed to want to update itself every minute or so so the thing was connecting to t'internet constantly. I also work in a building with very poor mobile internet connectivity, so scheduled synchs of my email meant the phoe would try & connect then remain locked into the connection while not transferring data.

The email set up is great & I secured a job from a Cornish beach by being able to communicate with the employer back home. The one downside is that if you move an email in yahoo! on your PC the phone then decides it's not been read until you've moved it back into the inbox & then open it on the phone.

The camera is superb for happy snaps & video quality awesome. Video does become a bit jerky when downloaded to a PC, though, & some of my pictures look a bit foggy because I find it hard to keep the lens clean.

The OVI maps satnav which were installed as a freebie on the phone are great (although the last time I used GPS was an antique Magellan at BATUS in the early '90s or marine ones while yachting so I can't make a comparison with Tom Tom & the like) & to my surprise doesn't seem to eat up too much battery or of my inclusive data allocation. MasterPlume loves imitating the "satnag" and piping cries of, "at the next corner turn left," make a change from, "are we nearly there yet".

I've put mine in some of that Zagg Inc protective film (as used to protect rotor blades on US SF helos, allegedly :wink: ) and a rubber Case Mate protective job to ward off knocks. Without these the phone while heavy feels very small in the paw.

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