MotorMan Im ready for engagement... maybe.

Our friend MotorMan wrote

MotorMan said:
Don't you ever stop fcuking s***-stirring you knobber?
I fear it is above my abilities mate.

MotorMan said:
Don't you ever just say what you mean rather than putting up smoke and mirrors and being ultra-sarcastic in order to raise a reaction?
I adore the GREAT ARRSE namely because I write here exactly what I think.

MotorMan said:
No one thinks you are a 'stupid foreigner' - everybody on this site realises that you are an intelligent and highly experienced and articulate man...
I'm afraid mrs.KGB_resident has another opinion. Such a pity that she doesn't speak English.

MotorMan said:
...(more so than most of us). What many of us struggle to understand is why you appear to frequent this site...
It is just a hobby.

MotorMan said:
...with the sole intention of needling us?
So you see it this way. Well, other option is not to be sincere, write one thing and mean anoter. It is not fair I believe.

MotorMan said:
Can't you at least do us the courtesy of engaging with us in a adult fashion rather than treating us like fcuking five year olds?
Well, propose a theme for the engagement (verbal engagment of course) and your obedient servant would try to engage.
Airfix said:
Can I be the first to say Sergy, FCUK OFF...
I fear you are not the first who said it.

Airfix said:
...AND DIE!!!!!
Unfortuantely it is not in my plans (at least in the near future). However, I asure you that sooner or later I will follow your instructions.
Sergey, don't listen to them. I for one greatly enjoy your presence on ARRSE, not least for the reaction you provoke in certain others.

Got them tanks back from somalia yet?
JoseyWales said:

Where is Sovietski blowshit ?

No insult intended.
In Chernobyl I believe. By the way by cousin (from Siberia where he was born) was sent to work on the Nuclear station just after the disaster.

ub3rb0wl said:

Got them tanks back from somalia yet?
Not yet but it is anyway a question of time.

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