Motorists Targeted Again.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Slack Jaw and his State Control cronnies have found another way of screwing the Motorist for more moeny, and finding more reasons for Plod to demand your I.D. Card and swipe your details.

    Motorists face £60 fines and three points on licence for minor accidents

    Motorists at fault in minor accidents face £60 fines and three points on their licence in a clamp down on careless driving by the Government.
    Thousands of drivers who would have escaped prosecution for collisions after simply swapping insurance details will now face likely prosecution as soon as the police become involved.

    An array of trivial motoring offences in addition to minor crashes are also likely to lead to action under proposals to give police powers to issue fixed penalty notices for careless driving [Full Story]
  2. Come on 'heard', sharpen up. It is sooooooooo much easier to attend a traffic accident and dish out penalties and fines - thereby hitting targets than detect crime and catch thieves, rapists and child molesters!

    It is going to take an 'atomic flash up the arrse' to de-politicise and de-target the police farces following all these years of stalinesque indoctrination.

    I have posted before that on day one of the next government ALL police above the rank of superintendent should be compulsorily retired. The only exception to be Mr. Yates who so nearly 'collared' the slimy Bliar!
  3. Kills two birds with one stone really. False figures of crime detection will up the Local Police Forces Stats, and it's another perfect opportunity to try and justify the Roll Out of I.D. Cards.

    I mean, not much point having a National ID Card if Plod and other Govn't Officials don't have any reason to ask you to show it. Just think, in some local council area's the fricking bin man is classed as a Govn't official.
  4. This is a good thing, there are too many fcuking sh:te drivers on the roads who cut people up without looking, pull straight out at roundabouts, turn without indicating and so on.

    Those w'anchors grip my sh;t and its about time they were fcuking well dealt with.

    Police have been able to do this for years but generally dont because it's more writing in an already writing filled day.

    How annoying is it to be in an accident caused by a careless tw@t, exchange insurance details and then the insurance company parasites say 'no independent witnesses so it's knock for knock'
  5. Those are very good and wholly valid points, but..........

    My driving licence has my photograph and my home address on it. The police are 'on-line' to check that I live at the address shown. Why therefore have another 'id' device, except for us to fall into line in one more aspect with the European Soviet Union?

    We cannot as a nation, let alone as individuals, afford this stalinesque, this hitleresque, utterly un-British identity card that the Tories have promised to 'bin' if they win the next election.

    There are people in my block of flats struggling to pay for gas and electric and water and even council tax (lowest in Britain) let alone be burdened with 'Stalin' Brown's latest control mechanism. It has f' all to do with terrorism only with CONTROL.

    In addition, I'll guarantee that the 'boyos' in Hong Kong will have the ludicrous thing cloned and copied and forged within days of it being introduced.
  6. If British Police could get their finger out, I would suggest a German style approach.

    Polizi are called to ALL collisions, and generally decide fault on scene.

    Throw in some other crazy rules from around Europe.

    Pedestrians hit by bike or car? Bike or cars fault.

    Bike hit by car? Car fault.

    Car collison involving drunk driver? Drunks fault.

    They can even give out "both faults".

    Works for me.

    Of course German cops appear on scene within minutes. Can´t see it working in Britian where it takes 8 hours for Police to attend a call out, if they bother to at all.
  7. With an estimated 2 million uninsured drivers on the road shouldn't the insured and law abiding drivers be considered favourably for once in the form of: If the accident was simply an 'honest' accident and those involved are insured that they do not recieve points on their license? I suggest this because an uninsured, carefree driver cannot recieve points if he is banned or without a license in the first place thus rendering any deterent void.
  8. It's all good, loads of wimmen who have girly little rubbish crashes at under 30 will start racking some points up. This in turn will even out the sexist insurance premiums.

    The knock on effect can only be that us het tigers who wouldn't dream of crashing unless it was at double the speed limit, caused multiple fatalities, involved a huge fireball and a considerable delay to other road users, will be able to insure bigger and more powerful cars.

    One for the road? Go on it can't hurt can it?
  9. No - doesn't work. You have to wait for the police for even the most innoccuous thing, and leave the cars blocking the strasse for ages. small knocks at a big intersection block the roads for eons. And the police deciding fault on the spot kyboshes innocent until proved guilty (although I know thats a thing of the past anyway)

    Example - knock on a juction in Guterloh recently. Roads were blocked into, out of and around the South of town for over an hour. Next day the accident reported in the local rag including who was guilty.

    Also, recently driving along a quiet street in the dark when a gimblewitted cyclist decided to leave the pavement cycle path without indication and perform a road crossing - no junction, indication, lights, anything. Fortunately I was being cycle aware, and a fair amount of braking and shopping flying from the back seat ensured the cyclists safety. I WAS NOT at fault, but would have been guilty according what you said.

    But maybe if we are going that way, we should also instigate the road crossing Gestapo.

    Don't like.
  10. Do you really think the Police are going to turn up for a non-injury accident? They can't make it out of the office from form filling to attend a burglary or murder in progress with their current manning levels!

    Whilst this may sound alarming, I have absolutley no confidence in it ever getting any further than the current police response to minor RTAs. Also, do you really think the insurance companies are going to allow some numpty plod, full of University "intelligence" but no common sense to apportion blame on the spot and issue a fixed penalty to the guilty?!

    Sleep easy chaps - this is yet another Government Minister led white elephant!
  11. Totally agree. And I don't want to see any sympathy for the old crones that create chaos on the roads.
  12. Where does 3 points come into this Cr@P yes a fine for a minor accident if you hold up traffic, put glass on the floor etc

    And because of the lack of convictions couldn't it be because due to the theory test and longer practical tests us youngsters (im 23) come out of the dvla office better drivers.
  13. So when some nutter who should be sectioned but isn't decides to try running across the M25 and a truck driver can't stop in time, the truck driver gets charged with causing death by dangerous driving? And accidents have to sit there for hours until an officer can turn up to see what's happening, blocking the traffic? Doesn't sound great to me.

    I agree that a drunk driver should be punished for being drunk, likewise an uninsured driver, however if some cretin causes the accident in the first place then they should be punished as well. There are far too many bad drivers out there, and the driving test's a joke.

    £60 seems a bit low too. Perhaps a sliding scale for FPNs, so the penalty matches the crime?
  14. Years ago they wanted just fines for speeding then realised that rich people would just flout the law. I doubt very much if the lower conviction rate is due to either a better standard of driving on the road-which you suggest-nor the amount of paper work, rather the lack of Traffic officers. Non-traffic officers are limited in what they can deal with without calling in the Traffic dudes.

    I drive for a living and am sick to death of people who break the law or are just plain incompetent on the roads. If bad driving goes unpunished then it becomes the norm-according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists.
  15. Who are mostly a bunch of up their own arse twats. Being a member of IAM does not necessarily make you a better driver than anyone else.