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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by arty90, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. my cousin is in the reme as a recce mech and has only just passed out of his phase 2 ready to go to his battalion, he borrowed his mothers car with her knowing full well and got pulled for un-ibnsured driving he cant afford the 6 points and is appealing in court even though he is pleading guilty he is hoping for a lighter sentence.

    is he entitled to a military solicitor and are they free?
  2. He's better off with a free solicitor provided to him by the courts.
  3. i know you get one of those for criminal offences, i didnt think you got one for motoring offences
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The duty brief at the court (on the day of the hearing) will be able to give some advice, and should be able to speak on his behalf.
  5. just rang up he's not not entitled to the duty one, thats why i was see'ing if he could a free one from the army
  6. No.

    He should get an accompanying officer to go with him to provide advice to the magistrates on the potential consequences of their sentence.

    Oh yes, 'your cousin' is clearly a prat.
  7. i know it sounds like its me!
    my cousin is a prat he's 19 and crashed twice and soups up his car and got caught un-insured at 104 mph i dont believe he should get away with this. but he's family and its his job
  8. I hope the Corps throws him out the Army for being a cock.

    If his Mother let him borrow the car, with full knowledge that he wasn't insured then she's a ******* mong also.

    What sort of pikey chav counsil flat family are you?

    Do they have a starring role in "Shameless"?
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  9. smudge67er - Good call mate. Kids like that don't deserve the right to drive. How long till he kills someones kids?
  10. So, how long have you been a Samaritans Councillor?
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  11. Un-*******-lucky. Let's hope the Beak takes previous unlawful acts into consideration.
  12. I take it the Army got him driving too. If so, should be made to repay the tuition.
  13. Six points is the least of his worries then. As a driver possibly still within the two year probationary period and having been caught at a speed in excess of 100mph he should consider himself lucky if he leaves the courtroom with a licence at all. Hopefully, he won't.
  14. G_S is quite correct but that assumes that your cousin has told his unit.

    If he loses his license, then he cannot be employed in a trade such as Recy Mech. He will lose his trade pay and it is possible that the Army might decide that his services are no longer required.

    Tell him to speak to his Troop Comd pronto!

  15. In short, no. Tell him to pop down to a local solicitor if he needs advice. Appeal? He can't appeal until after sentence. He can provide mitigating circumstances if he has any, but unless it was a 'life and death' situation, it looks like he'll still get the 6 points. Why can't he afford them? Licence already full? Looking at a ban? If this is the case, by driving uninsured (and also in excess of the speed limit, which should see him banned) he should also be sweating on getting more than points on his licence. This 'cousin' of yours needs to wise up, mate.
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