Motoring Convictions and Security Clearance

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ABewes, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Sorry to post this, I know it's similar to the last post.

    I understand the process of the security clearance now, and that I will need to do this during phase 1. 2 years ago, I was given 6 points for driving without a license and insurance (was doing a private lesson with my sister, with no provisional - stupid, I know) from a court.

    A few months later, I was doing a private lesson and I went through a red traffic light when a police car was turning in our direction, and I was given 3 points for Driving Without Due Car and Attention, which subsequently led to me being disqualified for 18 months through the totting up procedure.

    I've got my driving license now, but I was wondering what impact this will have on my security clearance, and who will be viewing, i.e. CO, OC, etc.

    Any help would be greatly welcomed.
  2. I don't think that will have any affect on your clearance. Just make sure you tell them about it.

    The only thing you should be worried about is driving.

    You will probably be barred from obtaining your D (PCV), and you could be barred from your C. Hazmat might be out too.

    I'm not sure if those are hard and fast rules, or if theya re unit rules.

    I know that Hazmat Instr and DLAI (driving instructor) is definitly out for the time being, but maybe by the time you can get these cses you willhave lost the points.

    I doubt the CO, OC will be seeing your licence anytime soon. It is the MTO and MTWO that you need to worry about more!!!! :p
  3. Hi chocolate_frog,

    Thanks for replying.

    What do the abbreviations: D (PCV), C, Hazmat, MTO and MTWO stand for, what are their meanings?

    Is it possible to request to complete the security forms now, before entering phase 1 training?
  4. D and C refer to driving licence categories (coach and truck) - the vocational exemption to the age requirements is difficult to get if you have points on your licence - I think it's more than 3 points but not sure.

    HAZMAT is the ADR licence - transportation of dangerous goods (fuel, ammo, etc) in tanks or packages depending on your unit's requirements. I do not remember there being any link to endorsements/points on the licence to get this, but could be wrong.

    MTO/MTWO are the Motor Transport Officer and Warrant Officer respectively - they run the vehicle fleet of the unit.

    Hope that helps.

    {Edit to add} Regarding vetting though, you'll find that if you tell them everything about previous convictions and cautions (even if spent) they will take this into account when vetting is done, it shouldn't prevent you being vetted. If, however, you conceal or do not inform them of something then you are highly unlikely to get your vetting clearance if they find out.
  5. My main concern is the 1109 MOD Security Questionnaire form doesn't take in to account changes to your first name (

    As mentioned previously, I've recently changed my first name for personal reasons, but I've noticed that whenever I have done a CRB or Credit check, it does not show anything for my current name, and there is no option to put in my original first name (birth surname still the same).

    I fear this may delay my security clearance, if not fail it.

    How is the first name change taken into account, when the form doesn't require it?
  6. ADR requires a C licence in the first place.

    Sorry, my fault, forgot that bit.

    For ALL licences and cses to do with driving, units tend to use a fair bit of discretion on top of the rules. If you have a C, but you are known to drive like a chod, then the chances are you wont get the unit slot for hazmat. Someone else in the unit will.

    It is also worth mentioning your civialian licence is merely your licence to drive your own car (or civvie ones).

    If you wish to drive a military vehicle (including civvie style vehicles owned or rented by the military) you require another licence. To get this licence you'll probably do a two week cse.

    For every vehicle after that that you wish to drive you will need some 8 hours of driving, with an instr, before you get your ticket.
  7. For surnames - how about Q. 3 parts a (Surname now), c (surname at birth), e (any other surnames used)? from the link you provided - if you need more space (ie have used more than 4 surnames, you can always use the continuation sheet!

    As you've changed your forename though, I'd use the box at 3 g to include them all and add an explanation about when/where in the continuation sheet?

    I think they'll get the gist from your application form. Be sure to put down all spent/un-spent convictions, cautions and any ongoing problems with the legal system, if you tell them about it (as stated in my previous post) is isn't normally a problem.

    Chocolate_frog - I held a HAZMAT licence (since run out of date) and don't have a cat C licence... I don't think it is a pre-requisite although I guess most units wouldn't send someone on it without them having a Cat C or CE licence due to their requirements!
  8. A driving conviction should not be a problem for vetting, after all its not as if someone could use it to blackmail you as its a matter of public record.
  9. It's a long time since I filled in an SC/BC form, I've been DV'd for years now, but I'm reasonably confident that there will be an area for any other information that you wish to disclose. Simply add in your first name change there. If not, you could simply add it all in on the continuation sheet.
    Don't worry about the driving convictions. It's being ruthlessly honest that you need be concerned about. Don't lie and don't try to hide anything. Honest is considered much more important than the convictions.
  10. Hey Choc Frog HAZMAT is not just for Cat C or is it Choc Chod
  11. I think you are kicking about in the weeds with your "Security Question" If you are truthful with your application, Driver points are not a problem. You will have problems if you a other convictions like Drugs or Violent disorder.
  12. FYI

    HAZMAT (ADR Civi Accreditation) The carriage of Dangerous goods by road. If your vehicle is a Landrover and you are carrying a large box with 20 KGs of High Explosives. You would need a B Licence and a HAZMAT certificate. If you put the same quantity of HE in a 4t Van then a C1 Licence and the same HAZMAT et al.

    There are units they move HAZMAT about that do not have Large Goods Vehicles of Cat C and C+E.

    Lets move on
  13. You're the one who made such a big deal about it :D Although not really neccesary to get insulting. A quick, actually you're wrong mate this is the score, would have sufficed.

    However I am glad, in a way, you have said this. I was (until very recently) always told I couldn't get my ADR, without C. I always said you could.

    At least someone out there thinks or knows the same.

    PS On my mil hazmat cse, my licence was checked to ensure I had C, it WAS a pre-requisite.
  14. Sorry for insult

    With regard to (I had C, it WAS a pre-requisite) you will find that the military will always be diffent from unit to unit
  15. A Cat C licence for HAZMAT is a military requirement only. HAZMAT is spreading wide in civvy street as even white van drivers need them now to carry certain items.