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After many years in tasteful green attire I finally find myself as a NIG (New In Germany) currently buying a two wheeled bullet to provide an occasional escape from her indoors and anklebiter. Current intel suggests that the only UK company interested in this type of insurance is Norwich Union. Always found it strange that people with a working knowledge of security and generally parking in a secure compound do not get better deals. Even though it was once put in the remarks for my Bandit 600 insurance that I provided an armed guard!!

Does anyone out there have any recommendations or used german insurance? :twisted:
Don't be afraid of German insurance. You get a green card as standard, generally lower rates, and if you do have a spill there is no messing around with international legal difficulties.
Wherever you are there will probably be a branch of O.Girkes on camp/in the Garrison. they do AXA policies, but better still are Allianz, you'll have to go to one of the independents. I'm with Allianz (I ride a '91 FZR1000), PM me and tell you my insurance agent.

Remember Germany is the biggest biking nation in the developed world, and they've got motorcycling sorted a lot better than the UK. All the speed cameras take a picture of your front for a start!!!

It also has the Nurburgring...
I am in Germany riding a Honda CBR 954 RR-2 Fireblade. I am insured with AXA Colonial through a German broker. It is costing me around 90 Euros a month, thats third party fire and theft. I have been told i can get it cheaper if i shop around a bit more. It does not matter to the Germans whether it is alarmed or not, just if its over the 100 ps threshold. Have fun biking this summer !!
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