Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by django_strikes, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. Right, this probably applies to 90% of the motorcycling community (probably less, but my rage is nudging the figure up).

    I live opposite a school.

    Every morning I pull out of my junction, proceed past the school IN THE 20 MPH LIMIT AREA and then stop at the traffic lights, which are about 100yds into the 30mph area (so 20 past school, then back to 30, then lights).

    3 mornings out of 5 a week, a motorcyclist will decide that 20 mph limits doesn't apply to him (different motorcycle - presumably different chopper on it), blast past any cars in the 20mph zone doing significantly more.

    I then got to thinking - motorcyclists (NOT ALL I AM SURE - for instance my Dad rides and I bet he is slow as anything - he is in a car) seem to habitually need to break speed limits.

    Nearly every time you see a motorcyclist in a 30mph zone, he is blatting past the cars doing 30mph, maybe because he can squeeze through the middle, I don't know. Or he is pulling away from traffic lights, trying to prove that his bike will do 0-60 in 2 seconds.

    What percentage of motorcyclists act like cocks, endangering others and tarring other riders with their shi*ty brush?

    If I drove thorough all towns at 40mph instead of 30, trying to overtake every other road user along the way, I would be on police, camera, action in about 2 days I reckon.

    Rant done, out from me.
  2. Couriers.
  3. No bags over these dudes shoulders, or luggage racks over back wheel. Just regular motorylists (or they're delivering really small stuff!).
  4. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Leave 'em alone. They need to have their fun before they die in an horrendous RTA that sees them spread across an area the size of a tennis court.
  5. Its nice to know that a car driver has noticed a bike, half the fcuktards that drive cars don't. I recently had a stupid bint pull out on me and said 'sorry I didn't see you' not sure which part of me she missed - the bright yellow jacket, the headlight blazing in the front or the actual bike. (which is a cruiser so quite substantial in size).

    In answer to your question - No, not all bikers are idiots, I personally never speed past schools or in 30 mph zones. Country roads and motorways are a complete different matter.
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I rode a bike for years, but always tried to obey speed limits in villages. The reason most bikers ( or organ donors, as they are known) speed is that the majority of speed cameras -in my area at least - are forward facing, and bikes do not have front number plates. Lucky sods.

    And of course some are just reckless. At least for a while.
  7. Nope, most are just bell-whiffs!

    Ask the_guru unless its raining then he wont be out on his.

    I'm in trouble now!
  8. Sadly their are more and more morons taking to bikes and giving us a bad name, I ride every day, stick to the limits, especially schools, time and place etc... but we get tarred with the same shitty brush. I have had cause to "tune in" a couple of malaka's in my neck of the woods.
  9. Since when did car drivers behave responsibly around schools and residential streets? Not where I live. Those fuckers are surrounded by a protective cage that weighs between 1-2 tonnes. If a biker hits a kid the rider is hitting the dirt (fast). Car drivers just kill the kid and walk away.

    In my experience car drivers are far more dangerous than bikers (as a general rule). BTW: I own a car and not a bike.
  10. I used to ride around in London (Home to Work etc), what a nightmare - Black Cabs hate bikers I am convinced!

    However, I have no sympathy - WHATSOEVER - for bikers who insist on undertaking who then get all out of shape when the car driver decides to pull in to the left hand lane in an attempt to get out of the bikers way. The same applies to bikers who ride down the right hand side of a car and then have to slam on their brakes because the car wants to turn right.

    The highway code applies to everyone.
  11. I agree with DoD, it's nice to hear about someone actually noticing a biker. A friend of mine is now in a wheelchair due to the usual SMIDSY excuse.

    Bikers as a community aren't all cocks, we are in fact pretty nice people! Whilst I can't comment on particular circumstances, it seems that the rider you're referencing was a bit of an idiot. I'll admit to doing over the speed a bit, but I ensure that it is always safe to do so, and I only do it on roads I know.

    I don't think it's fair to tar all biker's with the same brush. If that was the case, then I'd state that all car drivers are blind, slow, rude and set out every morning to slow me down.

    (edited for poor grammar)
  12. Seconded (apart from the riding every day bit).
  13. Oh I know about the car drivers - not many seem to do 20 past the school either - especially annoying as it is mostly parents that speed past. On the other hand, it is impossible to speed going past the school during school hours, as the retarded parents park their X5s, Toyota Land Cruisers, Audi Q7s, Allroads and Volvos both sides of the road, around junctions and either side of a traffic calming chicane - you simply can't see the tarmac for parked surrey-mum-mobiles.

    It just got me to thinking that in general, it is bikers that are noticed flouting the speed limit - especially in urban areas - maybe because they are noisier than everything except Kevin's Corsa 1.1 with the bean can exhaust, blacked out windows and 25" sub woofer in the boot...

    Plus, I can stop retard Surrey-4x4-driving pricks from speeding past the school by going at 20mph and holding them up. The only way to slow the biker is to open my door as he overtakes me. Then biker = lunched by Skoda door (I hope he doesn't scratch my door trim though - arm rests and speakers and electric door buttons dont look motorbike proof).
  14. Believe it or not, this exhaust was nicked from a dragster at Santa Pod recently.


    When the coppers tracked it down, it had been fixed to a Citroen Saxo in Levenshulme. They found it three doors down from the thief's house.

    He'd used a full tank of petrol to drive fifteen feet.
  15. Yes the highway code applies to everyone.I take it that includes checking YOUR mirrors before turning right?To check for anything not just someone on a motorbike.