Motorcycling in the Pyrenees

Looking for some tips on routes and accommodation [no camping] as I haven't been before.
so far I have booked the ferry to Santander in June [more daylight].
Stopping in Biarritz for a few day then I've booked a place in Lourdes using airbandb.
Biarritz to Lourdes looks like it may be a lot of fun, anyone have a twisty route to recommend?

I am not sure which direction to take after Lourdes back into Northern Spain [there's supposed to be a desert somewhere] and maybe book the ferry back as well.
or towards Cevennes national park which I also haven't been to and up to Le Havre.
it will be about 2 weeks I cant do high daily mileage, I have to stop quite a lot so work on 200 miles a day out of mountains.
not being rich I look for places 20-30 euros a night as I only need somewhere to sleep.
YHA membership and looking at the Hostelling International site mate :)

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