Motorcycle test or not!

I used to ride bikes 20+ years ago, however I never had a licence. When my 1st child came along I thought it was time to grow up and stop getting into trouble so I stopped riding.

Recently though I thought I would get back into biking, this time legally. I booked myself onto a 4 day Direct Access course. I was that confident of passing my test I went and bought myself a 2nd hand Honda VF750 SC.

The course went well until the 4th day. I turned up at the training centre at 07.30 to be told my mod1 test was at 08.30. I asked the instructor about my mod2, only to be told this had not been booked. P’d off or what?

Anyway went to test centre to be told mod1 cancelled due to bad weather. Went back to training centre (for training centre I mean car park of an old school which had been demolished) where the head man offered me a test for the following day. This sounds OK except I had travelled from Germany for the course and had to return on the Friday (day 5).

I enquired about a refund but no joy. Fuming I left before I lost it. When I got back to Germany I started small claims action against the company on the grounds they had not booked my mod2. Got his defence through the post this week, apparently the guy has block booking with the test centre. He did however offer to refund the cost of my tests and my Court costs £150.00 in all.

Now I have contacted several training schools in the Kent area (I have family there) and asked about 1 or 2 days training followed by a test. None of them want to know, they all say 4 or 5 days training is all they can offer as 2 days does not fit in with their “busy schedule”.

OK, I’ll hire a 125 and take the test independently (although by doing it this way I would be restricted to a 33bhp bike for 2 years). No-where in Kent can I hire a 125. I cannot afford to take another 4 or 5 days of work or the cost of 4 or 5 days training.

Only one option. My VF750 is now advertised for sale in MCN. Gutted.
Is this a whinge or are you asking for advice?
Am gutted for you mate.

Is there no way you could take your test in Germany with an instructor from your MT section? It is a long
time since i was there, but i do remember seeing fly-posters up in the naafi advertising these courses.

Best of luck and you will get there if you really want it.


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Where do you live most of the time?

You should be able to find a school or instructor that will take you out for occasional lessons rather than a DAS package.

Schools are reluctant to book people onto Pt 2 as there is quite a high failure rate on Pt 1 and that would mean loosing the money on the Pt 2 so in that sense your school was right but they should have explained it to you at the beginning.
Yes, the whole system is a dog's dinner at the moment. Blame the last government and join MAG!
Can't you just take an independent test and get your VF750 restricted for the first 2 years? I did something similar when I first passed my test, my Dad lent me his Kwaki Z550 and had it restricted so that I was legal to ride it, then de-restricted it couple of years later.
Would save you getting rid of your bike and less hassle.
Sensible head on. Bit of lessons learnt here:

Dont assume your test will happen on the day you booked it - the weather gods get a vote on that one.
Dont assume you will pass the part one first time - Murphy's law gets a vote on that one.

My advice is save your pennies and start again, this time taking out several extra day's leave as a buffer.

And dont assume the school is on the make. They offered you a new date for the part one - not their fault you had to go home. Also why would they book your part 2 before they know if / when you are going to pass part 1. You may now have screwed up any chance of goodwill with that school who otherwise might have been willing to help you out.
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