Motorcycle ride to show support for Wooton Bassett

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by smudge5611, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. Just for info....

    There is a group on Facebook that has been set up to organise a rideout on March 14 (mothering sunday).

    It is to show support and thanks to Wooton Bassett for their respect to our troops.

    (I am afraid i am a technophobe so i cannot do a link thingy,sorry)

    I am just passing on the info,the more the merrier, :wink:
  2. It doesn't seem to say anything about the residents of Wootton Bassett wanting this event to happen. I hope that is clarified before this gains any momentum. Usually they seem not to want any fuss.
  3. 7600 Bikes and over 10,000 people signed up so far, so yes someone else has!
  4. I and most of the club i am in have signed up for it. it cost £5 each of which we have been told 100% goes to the Afghan heroes charity. you have to pre-register to get onto RAF Lyneham. not sure whats happening there Hopefully at least a brew.

    also we are putting on a party the night before at the Ogri Mcc clubhouse on Kemble Airfield to provide a meeting place and free camping facility for those travelling some distance. I am led to belive we have a link from the facebook ride page. we are limited on numbers due to toilets, but hope to see some of you guys there. :D
  5. We have been led to belive that it has all been ok'd by both the local police force and the residents committee of Wooton Bassett.

    think they would rather have something like this that something like the muslims4uk :(
  6. :eek: Can confirm it is over 10,000 but the start point has now changed to hullavington airfield. which is on the left past the turn for buckley barracks from the M4.
    go to the afganheroes for more info. i think it is gonna be something along the lines of packets of 50 to 100 bikes with police front and rear leaving 5 mins apart so from an org point its gonna be a bit of a mare. myself and others from Ogri Mcc have been asked for help with marshalling and have to be onsite from 0600 8O which is gonna be a killer as we have a party at the Clubhouse the night before for all those that are going on the run who registered for camping.

    gonna be a good one though.
  7. The ride was absolutely brilliant! Great weather, great organisation, nobody acting like tw@s, and even Civpol looking on in a benevolent manner. They reckon that more than 12,000 rode through Wootton Bassett and the support from the local populace was astounding. Everywhere you looked there were people waving Union flags, Afghan Heroes flags, Help for Heroes flags, Regimental flags and others just waving. I'm proud to have been there.
  8. It was a great day out.

    Over £100K raised for the Afghan Heroes charity.

    Plenty of locals came out to line the route showing support for what the day was about.

    It really was a day to be remembered. Thanks to everyone who attended in any capacity at all,and to civipol for helping to organise and providing outriders.

    Cheers all !
  9. Chris Hughes from the Mirror wouldn't agree with it being a success, tosser.....
  10. Yep, the rather obscure security correspondent from the Mirror, a certain Chris Hughes wrote a rather derogatory depiction of the Wooton Bassett ride.

    He managed to insult the bikers, the organisers, serving and ex-military and also the mothers who had lost their children in Afghanistan and the ride was supporting in one article.

    Bloody Gutless Mirror removed the actual web blog, so I cannot link it and get us all outraged and ready bump starting the outrage bus for the 10th time today.