Motorcycle News Just Bad News!

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Blarney_Stone, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Every week the bloomin' rag runs some bad news story or other, this week it's "Speed Limiters for Bikes", last week it was speed cameras, or a limit on size, or bhp, or top-end speed, or leg guards, or loud exhausts, or small plates etc, etc, etc. :x
    Come on MCN, change the record and print a good news story now and again. It was a lot better when there were 2 bike papers a week (Motorcycle Weekly anyone?). Showing my age now. 8O
  2. msr

    msr LE

    If you find it depressing, why do you carry on buying/reading it?

  3. Stopped buying the rag ages ago. Full of sh1te!
  4. Bought it this week to scan the small adds, looking for a DRZ400 to add to the stable. It just struck me as I read through the body of the beast that there was yet another oh-woe-is-us-it's-the-end-of-biking scare story.

    BTW know of a good DRZ that needs a new home?
  5. Bearing in mind i was cut up by some prick on the M6 doing god-knows-what-speed and wearing jeans, im all for the limiters.

    And yet you whinge when people don't look out for you.....
  6. msr

    msr LE

    So let's tar everyone on two wheels with the same brush?

  7. Surely the actions of a few in a minority will have a profound impact? Im not surprised this limiter thing is being asked for, but also i am well aware of the amount of bad drivers in general on the road.
  8. Why? He'd still cut you up and still be wearing jeans...
  9. Perhaps this "limiter" should be applied to all cars as well. The national speed limit is 70mph and I am frequently passed on my BMW1100 by cars doing in excess of 100mph. :x

    Motorbikes will invariably achieve "the drop" on most cars due to the power to weight ratio despite any limiters being fitted.

    I cannot see how limiters can be introduced for motorbikes without encompassing all other forms of road transport.

    Perhaps these can be fitted at the same time as the "black box" for road charging, however, I think this will not happen as the revenue generated from speeding fines is such a motivating factor against.
  10. Don`t forget, some forms of jeans are actually made specifically for motorcycling and achieve the same safety standards as leathers and incorporate protection pads.
  11. I like motorcycle news............ I just keep in the back of my mind that the bike press is part of the bike industry. Why do they get all those freebies , test rides and jollies to race tracks in the south of Spain!?

    I can understand the bike press getting it's knickers in a twist when every anti-biking politician and euro-prat makes sound bites against two wheels.

    Though I must add that motorcycling in general has been hammered hard from Brussels et al with regard to emissions, license restrictions and testing.
  12. Never mind the cars! I was hanging on grimly to my Vincent the other day in the driving rain on the motorway just west of Paris - where I live - at just under the legal limit, being passed by tourist coaches doing 80mph-plus, with trailers threatening to fishtail them to oblivion.

    There ought to be a two-tier system that restricted "ordinary" licence holders to governed cars with the performance of Citroën 2CVs. Anyone wishing to drive anything faster would have to pass a second test, comprising a psychological examination, amongst other things. I would apply this to bikers too. I am speaking as a biker and a former motorcycle journalist so I know what I am talking about when I say that many bikers behave like complete cnuts on the road.

    As for vans, lorries, buses, coaches and so on, no commercial vehicle would be able to do more 55 mph. And I would outlaw any scooter more powerful than a 150cc Vespa or Lambretta. In fact, fcuk it, I'd outlaw scooters period. And bicycles. Especially bicycles. Anyone caught riding a bicycle on the public highway would have their driving licence torn up on the grounds that they are either stupid or mentally unbalanced...or both.

  13. Oh...and I worked briefly for MCN back in the mid-1990s. One of the worst experiences of my life. Bunch of tossers, obsessed with pulling wheelies, pulling stoppies, and blathering about maximum bhp they were never, ever going to use.

  14. I only read the sport pages.

    My mate buys it to read on the train on the way to work, then I nick it and read it in the shitter at work.
  15. don't need a license for a bicycle and plods to lazy to chase or question bwhahahaahaha ignore the highway code and maim motorists when they get out of there metal boxes