Motorcycle licence.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by TheRedButton, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. I'm looking to do my bike licence, and with all the new restrictions its stopping me getting the bike I want. However, members of the armed forces have an exception to restrictions, so I rang up only to be told that we get our licences on "our special bases"

    Has anyone on here managed to get there licence through the army? And how they went about it?
  2. The exceptions only apply when you're on HM Forces duty, not for your personal machine.
  3. I did the course (2 weeks) with Shugi in BAOR, passed.

    I assume you are under one of the age limits? No way around it bud.

    Best advice; start slow on bikes don't think you can leap onto a 150hp Yamahondukati full race spec scuicide machine with 2 weeks experience.

    Build up to it, go on courses. It may sound old farty, but I would seriosly recommend doing the Institute of Advanced Motorists bike course and/or the RoSPA bike course. You will be taught by x-spurts who are generally off duty Police Class 1 Instructors. If you know anything about biking these blokes are the biking equivelent of THEM, they are to be listened to and respected when they give advice, honest.
  4. Or ignore that advice but please carry a Donor Card!!!
  5. if you are in the UK check the councils road safety department, they organise for a small fee better biking courses with the rozzers off duty
    Gloucestershire's Better Biking Courses
    also lots of them do private tuiton
    however as a long term motoryclists I must say that some lessons you need to learn the hard way !
    if you are over 21 you can always do direct entry, but I would still advise a smaller ( around 30 to 60 HP) bike until you have got some miles in
  6. Donor, what do you need ......... I might know a bloke in China.............

    Story: I was on duty in the Salisbury nick control room and we get a call late'ish one night. This bloke said he was driving home in thick fog and he was whalloped by something front on. He stopped his motor, got out had a look around. There was a dent on the front of the car. He looked around the area but found nothing.

    We sent the local car out. He found the bloke. They both had a look around and found nothing. Details were taken in case some farmer complained about a dented cow.

    Next morning the fog lifted and the nick got another call about a body and a motorbike in a field. The accident investigator reckoned that judging by the point of impact on the car the bike and some debris on the road that the biker had been white lining in the fog. The pathologist reckoned the bloke had been alive for a few hours after the impact but unable to move due to his injuries and just bled out internally.
  7. My kid brother has a snap from his time as a SOCO. Called out to a night-time bike/car interface where Plod could find no sign of the rider, come daylight and our now extinct rider was discovered draped over the top of a nearby streetlight.

    For the OP; heed the advice regarding training-up to the machine of your desire/demise.
  8. Correct. As long as it's got something to do with his job that he needs the motorbike licence for.

    Like I've said elsewhere, 2 lads in the Falklands did their courses (civvy side) and claimed most of the fees off their SLC/ELC. Mind you, there are no roundabouts out there and my boss was RAF and would sign anything.
  9. What is the bike you want? Just out of curiosity.
  10. one of the problems of a smaller motorcycle is that cars bully you
    they think that you are a moped, recently I pulled alongside a minge rover on my brother in laws Suzuki Burgman, the lights were red but the idiot driver started moving forwards to demonstrate his greater social standing, however when the lights changed i nailed it and left him and his 3 tonne heap for dead
    trouble is the burgman is quite small and to the unititiated looks like a moped ( a 500cc Moped)
    the fact I was wearing full leathers, black and old should have warned him
    but i have been riding for too many years both here and abroad to be bullied
    one of my friends recently took up motorcycling again, but I made him do a refresher course with a local training school
    they put him on a rolling road machine to start with
    then out on a 125 yammy with two way headset radio
    after a few days he got his confidence back and they then went onto a Kawasaki ER5 he loved it so much he bought one
    he origionally rode in the 70s but things have moved on
    the ER5 is only around 50BHP but has a presence on the road enough power to keep a reasonable speed and decent brakes and lights, he did want to buy a blade but I said if he did then I would insist he toured with me for three days to either get used to it or write it off !!
    its a long learning curve and I am still learning, you need to read the road, smell the road, feel the weather, and learn to read drivers minds, and learn to recognise certain types of vehicles that will take you out ( german usually)
    also you need to be confident but not arrogant, as I pointed out to one young man its one thing to race your bike round the estate looking the big man, but at 3 am in the pissing rain you need to feel the road and know your limits, and know when to stop and give up ( you cant die in your sleep)
    otherwise the results do not bear thinking about
    ps a few years ago I rode from Metz in france across Switzerland, over the Andermatt Glacier and down into Italy taking from 11 am till 3 am, I could get no accomadation so carried on, but after this many years I know when to relax and go slow, and let the bike take control and have done enough miles on my Guzzi to know her as well as my wife ( shes only 48BHP)
    also learn to control and get rid of the red mist, that kills
    remember riding a motorcycle is like sitting on the front of a mack truck, lots of fun and fast but the truck dont feel pain when it hits things

    3 am Italy where the **** is every one ? oh asleep
    see do it right and you can have fun
    do it wrong and you get a car with hand controls
    if you want pain try BDSM !!
    Italy trip 441.jpg
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  11. Is that the case as I had one of my lads try that and he got fucked off.
  12. When i passed my test I started on a 600 then a month later got a Fireblade. The power of the bike is irrelevant, if your a shit rider, bellend rider or think your Rossi you will spank in regardless of what your riding.
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  13. Well put Josh. Awareness of your surroundings at all time is paramount. It's similar to the old adage that 'the gun is always loaded and the horse always kicks'. Car drivers are always ******* blind!
  14. It depends who is helping them fill the forms out and doing the blagging. :)

    They were REME blokes and used to fix our photocopiers and printers. I have no idea why they were doing that job down there, but hey - you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
  15. if he says Harley Kill him now
    best bet is to learn on the Armys machines, bend some one elses !!
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