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Greetings arrsers. Unfortunately I dropped the FJR1300 today. Luckily I was stationary and nobody saw me and I'm uninjured. I invested in crash bungs a while ago and they have saved me a lot of money in this instance as the only damage is to my right wing mirror and some slight scratching to my exhaust pipe on the right. It is not dented but the trained eye would see such a thing and deduce that the bike had been dropped and I want to flog it in September.

My question is: Does anyone know if scratches can be polished out of exhaust cans. A replacement is a hideous £700 + VAT so that is a no no. Before I start phoning around local metal polishers I would be grateful if any of you could advise me. Failing this I guess it will be a search of the various breakers in the local area (work in West Midlands, live in Aldershot if anyone knows anybody local to these areas).

Many thanks.
Sorry to hear that mate , depends on how deep the scratches are , if you can barely feel them when you scratch across them with a finger nail then you should be fine , don't try doing too much yourself as you may make it worse for the experts .
Good luck
Deeper than that I'm afraid. Just looked at some breaker websites and there is next to nothing out there. For £700 (plus VAT) I can get some loud jazzy looking pipes. Yamaha are robbing barstewards.
Pipes are stainless so I'll be ringing around the local metal finishers/polishers I think. Trying to avoid the insurance route to preserve the old no claims. Not yet earned enough years to protect the bonus. Hopefully there is a company that can polish it out (preferably without removing the can from the bike). I'll keep y'all posted.
Difficult to say without pix, but if you were stationary and it went over then you are in with a good chance of polishing them out yourself. There's a difference between 'dropped' and 'well dropped', badge of honour to some bikers.

All the pro metal finishers will do is apply various grades of abrasive, getting less coarse as they go until finished, so you can give it a try yourself with a high grade such as a chrome polish, T-Cut or toothpaste. If this minimises the lighter scratches then use judgement on what you'll need for the heavier ones. If you can't shift deep ones and haven't the bottle to go more coarse, then polishing along the line of the scratches (as opposed to across them) will still minimise the cosmetic effect, shiny scratches look better than dull ones. I wouldn't bother with machine tools, hand polishing gives more control.

If you're really lazy or busy, then metallic stickers or badges are often used to hide blemishes on bikes. If you drop it again, the impact points will be identical so you could consider them sacrificial
There isn't a bike I've had which didn't go over or get knocked over at some point, I applied the above and they all sold OK, barely visible scratches or no. Buyers understand they'll probably do just the same anyway.
issac_hunt said:
Luckily... nobody saw me and I'm uninjured.
In that order, naturally.
Very lucky not to be seen. Middle of a steep hill turning right. Put my foot down and slipped on a miniscule patch of gravel and then did that slow motion hop/dance thing where one tries in vain to stop the inevitable. Pathetic. I'm thinking of applying some cas sim or at least limping a bit next time I see my biker mates lest I be sent to Coventry for not falling off properly.
Not sure which model FJR yours is, but there are a few knocking about on e-bay, just review the descriptions and pics carefully thats all.

I picked up a fairly good replacement OEM can for my GSXR600 after I did pretty much the same thing for £20 +pp, retail price being £850+
Yeah, mine is an 08 and they seem to be 04/5 cans. Not sure if they are compatible, will ask around if the polishing thing doesn't work out.
If you do go down the replacement route, dont fit it until you are selling - just in case of a repeat performance!
If you try polishing it out yourself, get a good quality abrasive soap as it wont be as course as a belt or a pad, and try not to polish along the scratch you'll make the scratch deeper,as you know you'll be removing material, if you do that the slightest glimmer of sunlight will show an uneven surface after buffing and make your can look like a fakin tidal wave :)
Thanks for the advice everyone. I phoned around a few places today and I'm going to see 3 metal finishers in the near future. I'll post some before & after pics when the work's done.

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