Motorcycle dealers & Stores advice in NYC & DC

Discussion in 'US' started by beemer007, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. Will be visiting NYC & DC this summer for holiday and apart from doing the basic tourist stuff I'm looking to visiting a few motorcyle stores* and hopefully pickup a new air of Black leather/Gortex boots, ideally looking for the following:

    Easily broken in
    Easy fittings, zip and minimal buckles/clips
    Will last

    Budget around $250 (if possible)

    *ideally central

    Any constructive advice and guidance welcome.
  2. Sadly mate the largest dealerships are the huge Harley Huts.

    I have yet to find anything that resembles something that is even like a Hein Gericke shop. Some of the BMW dealerships seem to be well stocked with the BMW brand gear, but that will be a franchise requirement.

    I'll have a google around on my US based googlifier and check through the bike mags I have to see if there are any NYC/DC located stores for ya.
  3. Thanks for the replies, it gives me a start at least ;-)
  4. Cheers for this mate, I've searched in my ABR mag too but this is greatly appreciated..
  5. If you can get out of NYC, there is no tax on clothing in Pennsylvania, loads of bike stores too.
    NYC you pay both State and City tax on top of anything.

    Just my 2c.

    Enjoy your trip
  6. Cheers for the tip, if I can as (we) Mrs Beemer wants to travel further out then I can always justify the time & distance.

    My overal aim is to find a pair of Danner that'll go with MTP PCS & Motorcycle boots at a reasonable price.
  7. That's definitely worth considering, I might swing an email to the girl from Danner I was chatting to last year for my initial enquiries, delivering to the Hotel while there would be a bonus.
  8. Right then:

    NY to southern Philadelphia is around 2 - 3 hours depending on traffic. The I 95 is the main route, however it does get congested so a GPS is your friend.

    Philadelphia to DC is around another 2 - 3 hours. Hit the 1 at Philly it takes a less congested route and goes through a bit of scenery before it hits the I 95 again. AND, you can stop in for a coffee.

    Delaware, "The First State", is totally tax free for all your shopping needs. I only go there to the mall when I get dragged along.

    From DC going into Virginia is like going from Surrey to Hampshire. It'll take around 2 - 3 hours to get from DC down to Norfolk and VA Beach.

    To be honest mate I have driven the Florida -----> Philly route a few times and it takes me 12 hours on the I 95.

    Boots: Do you have an inkling which bikey boots you want and which Danners you want? Let me know and I will try and find a couple of places in your general area of urlaub.

    Problems: They invented bloody mail order here and I have found through personal experience that even if the store is humungously humungous and the have something on their normally means they will have to order it for you. The worst case was when I was ordering a sh*d load of webbing, pouches etc for someblokes and the company showed it as in stock and after I had ordered the gear they told me that they probably would not have the stuff out to me for 6 weeks.

    Possible solutions: They have police supply shops here, for the police funnily enough, there are a couple of larger ones around the NY NJ area that I have had gear from so let me know what Danners you are looking at and I will see what they have for you - got to try on boots.

    Bikey boots, I am still looking slow time for some gear shops for you, well me too as I will be getting back on 2 wheels this summer if time allows.

    Hotel deliveries do work here. Get whatever delivered as signed for and Robert is your mothers brother - I've done it. Just call the hotel and ask if its ok, they will say yes and off you go.
  9. Effendi,

    High Country GTX 400g as these are as close to Stryker II GTX (previous boots) as possible.

    Danner - Boots

    M/C Boots: Alpinestars Web Gore Tex Boots OR Merlin Invincible Waterproof Boots or similar.

    I'm staying in the Newark area so Police supply shops is another angle worthy of consideration.
  10. I just realized my first post on this forum is to give shopping tips.....:shock:

    I will ask some of my Police mates where they go, dammit , shopping advice again !
  11. Harley Hut.

    I hate Harley's. There is another (right hand side of the road) on the 1 as you leave Concorde (Paul Revere, "the British are coming, etc") and another about 25 - 30 miles away on the 1 (right hand side of the road just after the weighbridge) just inside Maryland as you have gone over the dam near the Maryland Pennsylvania border.

    Place to go in NY is Patsys Pizzeria. Good enough for Sinatra, when he got homesick in Hollywood he would send his plane to NY to collect some pizza.

    Patsy's Pizza

    Edit: Empire State Building. You need to get there at sparrow fart, be first in the queue or there are heaving bodies everywhere.

    Staten Island Ferry is the cheapest sightseeing boat trip you will ever get.
  12. Himbo!
  13. Shopping Walt ;-)

    At least your first post wasn't spam..