Motorcycle Cop Walts

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by DavetheApe, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. Forgive me if this has been done before, but this phenomenon is puzzling me more and more, especially since I got my bike licence.

    What is this all about? In my rear view mirror, a bike cop heaves into view. But no! That beacon atop the pole is amber, not blue! Everything else however is very Mr Plod: Hi-Vis, white helmet (sans Polizei logo, obviously), chevrons all over + to cap it all, a "message board" on the back of the top box. Utterly bizarre.

    To the ignorant masses, this guy looks like a cop. But why would anyone go to these extremes to do a bit of filtering? The whole get-up makes the rider look a total fcuk-knuckle, and for what?

    Thanks. That's off my chest now. Can anyone answer me though. WHY????
  2. Sounds like Tk Tptr escort bikes to me. THey are as described and have the message board displaying 'Wide Load' or similar.
  3. Nah.. the message board was too small -- it kind of had small apertures for flashing lights rather than a wide load message.

    I prefer to think he was a fully paid up member of Der Waltenkommando mit der grosse BMW... don't ruin my outrage!
  4. There are entire clubs in Japan devoted to walting as American highway patrolmen with Harleys


  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    VOSA bike?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    I hope not:

  7. Bizarro! Is it just one, or are there hordes of MC plod walts? Perhaps it's a new biker gang who've decided that the police look is the way forward?

    "Help! There's a load of police motorcyclists smashing up my bar!"

    I used to own a white Mondeo, and after I had fitted a roof rack I noticed that every time I was out in it all the cars in front of me slowed down and started driving really carefully. It was always fun!
  8. Brilliant! "A fecking GS!! Do I looking like Farmer fecking Giles!!!"

  9. What, like you can just about make out on the back of this Army Honda?¤t=SANY0010.jpg&t=1251394495623
  10. There was a bloke used to drop his kid off at karate had what looked at first look like a cop bike and cop like leathers and a white helmet cop style was'nt
    new somebody years ago got advised to find a new MC jacket by plod as a white fairing bike hi viz jacket and white helmet. was pushing it.
    said it was a shame watching motorists slow down and start behaving themselves as they caught a look at him in the rearview mirrors :twisted:
  11. Linky no worky buddy.... :cry:
  12. IT biffism strikes again. Its a pic of the rear of an Army Honda Pan European at this year's RLC Open Day, the rear display board measures about 4" by 14".
  13. Most of them are muppets, Pan European riders who get their jollies by making themselves look like plod.
    I kidd you not. Its quie a popular past time, some of them give themselves the name of the Pan Clan.
  14. We need more people like this young and upstanding member of the community!!!

    Jeff Smith

    I know where the twat lives!!!!