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For anyone looking for some good kit at a decent price i recommend Frank Thomas Raptor Sports Jacket (you can also get a touring version for £30 more) and Raptor trousers.

I know FT have had some bad press and have gone bust (now owned by JTS i believe), but i was on the look out for some decently priced kit for commuting in. I commute 180 miles each way every Friday and Sunday, plus 15 miles in and out of work daily.

I know textiles don't replace leathers, but with our changeable weather a 3 hour commute can encompass various weather types, so unless guaranteed hot weather, i tend to commute in textiles.

I have worn it the last few weeks in some pretty heavy rain and i have stayed dry and warm, and i ride a naked bike, so even more impressed. The trousers and jacket both cost £99 each, from JTS. Reduced from £149 for the jkt and £139 for the trousers.It has knee armour and the jkt has elbow and shoulder. You can also fit hip armour.

Also the jkt has vents that zip open if it is hot, and with the liner removed this kept me cool.

Just thought i would post in case anyone is looking for new bike kit but is on a bit of a budget. Can't put up any pics, but google will show you what the kit looks like.

Hope this helps

Textile is far more practical than leather for real world (as opposed to racetrack) use for someone on a budget who cant afford multiple sets. Does it have back armour as well, or at least the potential to add back armour in? Although a reasonable price, I would expect to see CE approved elbow/shoulder/back armour included at that price range.
What about gloves? got some summer ones as my belstaff(12 years old) died,what is a good price?
What about gloves? got some summer ones as my belstaff(12 years old) died,what is a good price?
my alpinestars gloves were £85 from a hein gericke, and they are worth every penny! really well armoured, strong fabric and good sence of touch/control.

as people have said, go to a shop to try out fits/sizings, then buy online or off fleabay
The early Frank Thomas stuff is excellent, the gen goretex labelled stuff, and is fully armoured. Buy it secondhand if you can, guess mine's done 150k mile between me (60 mp day) and the first owner, everything works as it should. The silver suit inner liner is the dog's, I might put a fleece and trackie bottoms on underneath if it's snowing, is all.

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