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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Micawber, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. I'm starting to fall right out with cars and the seeming current campaign to make motoring around the place more and more expensive, particularly with the way they are becoming more and more complicated - thereby extinguishing the local garage bloke with common sense and some spanners and driving us all into the hands of £100 an hour main dealers merchants.

    The last refuge for cheap transport seems now to be the old Lanny, but they cost a fortune in fuel.

    So I'm wondering what the crack would be with a bike that has a mini-skip (sidecar) attatched.

    I'm not planning to put anyone I care about in it, apart from the dog, but using it as a general transport with the added bonus of a container for shopping, moving beehives, taking stuff to the tip, sacks of feed, bags of concrete etc etc which will mean I can bin the car.

    It would be good if I could a get a live pig in it from time to time as well.

    So, has anyone ever owned one, borrowed one, stuck a sidecar on an ordinary bike or has any general knowledge about the things?

    I've got a full bike licence and am not bothered about looking a bit eccentric (cuntish) as long as it is an effective and cheap form of transport. I reckon power would be an issue (I'm quite fat anyway) so something like a 1000 BMW might do the job.

    I do fancy standing up on the bike shouting 'More fuel for my Panzers'.

    Any advice gratefully received.
  2. If you want MPG don't bother with a bike unless it's a 125 etc, chances are they'll do LESS mpg that a modern car.
  3. The last combo I had was a Honda Superdream CB250N which averaged around 60 mpg.
  4. As unreliable as an old Landy, built from girders strong enough to withstand nuclear blasts, and a copy of a BMW, whats not to like?

    Though sticking a modern BMW twin engine into the chassis would make for a very good upgrade.

    Ural Outfits
  5. i once put a sidecar on a vespa 150 and went off road at the first corner! strong arms are called for as you no longer lean into the bends!!!!
  6. I once put a Vespa 150 in my side-car. The lad had broken down in the middle of the Nth Yorks Moors miles from anywhere.
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  7. To make the ruddy things go round corners is an art , I worked as an M Cycle mechanic for several years and sidecars and Harleys were the only things that I didn't like to road test.
    You have to set the sidecar and bike up with a degree of camber ..... one way round a corner you back off the throttle and it kind of turns in , other way round the corner and gently opening the throttle helps it turn in .
    Reckon the Ural painted up like a WW2 Jerry BMW would be a hoot and probably fairly good on fuel.
    Both mine and my Wifes parents had combinations in the 60's , hers had a sidecar with a double row of seats ... seating mother and both young children .... kind of like a mini car .... it had a boot and doors !
    A mate used to race sidecars in the late 80's .... his driver only had one leg ... the other having been amputated above the knee in a bike accident...... the story is they had a crash at Brands ( I think ) and both were thrown from the machine.... Sid got up and started to walk towards the marshal's only to see them faint at the sight of Tony hopping up the track towards them with one leg of his leathers flapping in the breeze .... they didn't know he removed his artificial leg before a race .
  8. If the combo is set up correctly you can steer easily. One thing to be careful of is 'wheel shake' which can occur at both low & high speeds. I used to get a bit of shake at around 20 mph & then again at 80 mph.

    My chair was lightweight, I worked at BAe at the time so it was made from aircraft grade aluminium & titanium courtesy of nightshift. :)

    If it's a heavy outfit the gearing may need to be changed but the work-around is to put slightly smaller wheels on.
  9. one thing i really did not need to worry about was hitting 80mph on my vespa 150 even without a sidecar!
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  10. I was stopped for speeding on Blue Cross Hill towards Whitby which is 1:6 & 1:4 in places. The copper let me off because he said a magistrate wouldn't believe the speed he clocked me at on a 250 with a chair = 140 mph. What he didn't realise was it was a 400N engine, race tuned & downhill. :)

    I actually broke the speedo cable that day.
  11. Try F2 MOTOR BIKES near to Banbury they have some Russian build bikes in, copies of the old WW2 BMW but with the chair on the wrong side, therefore not two wheel drive.


    Royal Enfield at Morton in the Marsh they do a 500cc unit, slow but average 80 MPG, they used to do a diesel version.


    Contact; eRanger based in Daventry they import a chinese 185cc (Honda XL copy) with a chair that converts into a ambulance, not fast but fun and as seen in Africa.
  12. Get one! Great fun, Had an ex WD M20 in nineteen canteen, coffin on the side, carried loads of sand and cement up and down the hills of Bristol,bangin' away, exhaust glowing red, just kept on and on. Memories flooding back. One mate on pillion, two in the box, rushing round the pubs, pissed and giggling. Tipping it over on left handers, back on three wheels, still giggling. What fun we had.
  13. Wimp!