Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HH_2, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Chatting to my Welsh uncle the other day about his days riding Royal Enfield's as a dispatch rider in Osnabruck in the 50's, started me thinking again about getting a bike

    question is, are they an extremely cool way to get around fast or are they just a death trap........

    Any Arrser bikers out there?

    Haven't got a car at the moment, and am thinking bike might be a cheaper way to get around but not sure it's practical (i.e. might be good when it's 25 degrees and blue skies now but when it's icy mornings in december is it gonna be hell?).
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Go out and do your CBT, you will know soon enough if biking is for you or not.

    Oh yes and the fun does go up in direct proportion to the CC of your bike ;)

  3. Fair weather friend, two wheels good, but in the sh1te weather, 4 wheels better.
  4. Great fun - falling off hurts

    Riding from September to May can be... interesting.

    When the sun is shining and the roads are empty of volvos and Gatso's, it's more fun than a fun thing.
  5. It's like getting an extra pair of legs...
    ...that let you run VERY fast...
    ...and make you grin like a loony most of the time...
    ...get one :D.
  6. Stop being a wuss and get a bike, they're more fun than throwing babies into the turning rotors of a Lynx.
  7. Who here rides what?

    This is my ZX6R 8)


    And yes that is a lovely pear in the back ground, phnar phnar.
  8. msr

    msr LE


  9. Get one...
    Last bike Blade.
  10. Do your CBT get a cheap bike and you will know.

    Winters are tolerable.

    If you want practical a scooter might be better for you. You get storage under the seats, in the footwell (there is a hook there) and in a top box. Bikes are rubbish for storage.

    Beware though - alot of scooters are ridden by underage scrotes/immature cnuts so there is a tainted by association factor...
  11. Get two. A scratcher for summer and a super motard for winter....great fun :p

    Its true though that you heal quicker when younger.
  12. Mine is a Champion Interceptor with front suspension and disc brakes, Shimano chainset and gears, and a choice of 21 gear ratios to choose from.
  13. CBR600RR= Absolutely fantastic
  14. Just added this Mt500 to the other 4 classic lambretta/triumph scooter and modern twist and go I've got, Found out it's come frm my TA unit getting a stainless steel pipe and cam upgrade shortly 8)
  15. Being a keen biker, i certainly wouldn't put you off, unfortunately with everything there are pro's and cons. I'm more into sports bikes and attend a lot of bike meets, racing events etc and i get great satisfaction and have a lot of fun. It really depends on what you want the bike for ie work, hobby etc. I would agree with some people on the weather front, as when it's pi**ing it down it does become a bit of a drag and can become a lot more dangerous.

    One peice of advice though, if after passing your CBT, are over 21 and you do your direct access, do not be tempted to go out and buy a big sports bike or your days will be numbered few. buy a more lesuirely bike (they are fast enough) get used to riding for a while and possibly do a few track days to build up your confidence.

    Anyway whatever your decision, ride safe and have fun.

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