Motorbikes or Cars

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Like your bikes? Love filtering through all the idiots in their boxes in the queues? Or do you prefer listening to Dido with your arm draped over the passenger seat in the outside lane with your indicator permanently on?

    Two Wheels good - Four Wheels BAD

    Kawasaki ZX636R B1H and Alfa GT (Focus Company car)
  2. Bike signifies freedom, fun and frolicks
    Car signifies work, visiting people i dont want to visit and shopping.
  3. Name speaks for itself methinks
  4. Lived without a cage for to many years, I'll stick to my Blackbird and Hornet :)
  5. Bikes - faster, cheaper, more fun and more of a fanny magnet than some poofy hairdresser car.
  6. 4-0 and counting
  7. Sorry Lads big Volvo's full of smelly dogs for me
  8. cars all the way :D
    4 - 2

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  9. Bikes are for people who're not interesting enough to have to carry any kit.
  10. 4 - 3
  11. Bike first and every time!!!
  12. blast 5-3
  13. mmmmh. bike by a narrow margin
  14. Its okay for you people with slim wives or girlfriends but what about us poor sods whose other halves have most definatley found the fridge!!.If my Doris got on the back of a bike it would wheely off into the sunset
  15. Bike, and heres my next paintjob which will be started next month!! [​IMG]