Motorbikes as an Official Army Sport

Hello all.

My Battalion has a well-established Motorcycle Club (it sounds very Sons of Anarchy). Unfortunately they are not an official club - they get nothing off of Battalion at the moment. I'm attempting to rectify that in order to them support in terms of time (sports afternoons) and resources (access to military vehicles/sports and exped funds).

Does anyone know what motorcycle related activities are officially recognised as Army Sports (i.e. only certain activities are recognised/classed as AT). I've been pointed in the direction of 'Enduro Biking' as a possibility.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or perhaps is in an officially endorsed Battalion/Corp Motorcycle Club or Team? It would be particularly useful if anyone out there is an OIC of such an organisation. My head shed are keen to endorse the Club and give them the tick in the box - but are not willing to do so until we can prove what we do is officially recognised by the Army.

Any help you be excellent thanks.


You don't say what Regiment/Corps you are in so this might not be apropriate as you could already have a team...

But assuming you're not Royal Signals, how about starting up a Motor Cycle Display Team?

My favourite by far is the IMPS Youth Motor Cycle Display The Imps | Home who have performed at the Edingburgh Tattoo many times, and in various places abroard at the invitation of Royality.

If you could get a decent team and a professional looking display together, then you could put on displays and shows at events as Army PR.

If you want to put your own twist on this you could come up with some sort of obstacle course arrangement to do fancy stunts on. A bit like the military dogs do perhaps?

Just an idea, take it or leave it...


Pm me and I'll give you the email address for the bloke in our corps who is currently setting our club up. It will be An officially recognised club so might be worth chatting to him.
Cheers for the info.

I'm not setting up a display team - thanks for the steer though.

I've dug up some paperwork that states that motorcycling IS and official army sport - there is a REME Lt Col who is OIC Army-wide. So I'll be tipping up to BHQ with that lot in the morning. Here's hoping for Wednesday Sports afternoons for the motorcycle gang.

Any info from people who have organised Army rides/expeds would be a appreciated - although I guess I could use the good old 'Battlefield Tour' umbrella.


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When I was in, late sixties, early seventies, our MTO found the funds for a team of us to do long distance time trials, The Lands End, The Exeter and the Edinborough, all organised by the MCC, (Motor Cycle Club) This is a very old club dating back to about 1908. Google it for info.
Unless I am mistaken, motorcycling as a sport in the Army only covers the off-road aspects (enduro, trials etc).
You could probably get away with a battlefield tour on bikes but it would be the battlefield tour aspect that would get the official recognition, not the biking.
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