Motorbike Tyre Sealants

Just asking for some advice guys:

I shelled out £180 for a set of new boots for my Bandit, having taken the wheels off for the fitting of the new rubber (always cheaper if the bike doesn't have to go on the lift). Stuck them back on and them went for a short test ride to ensure that the balance was correct and that the brakes were working well. Came back after 15 minutes to find a 3 inch screw sticking out of main tread area of the rear tyre, and a low hissing whenever the screw was moved:censored: . Now having just bought a tyre that I haven't even had the chance to scrub in yet, I am loath to shell out for a new one. I have had a look on line at tyre sealants like Slime, Puncture Seal etc.

Questions:- are they any good and do they work?

Are the tyre repair kits with mushroom plugs any better?
Not worth pissing about with the tyres...
You might be able to have the hole plugged but personally I would have to agree with msr on this one. Get another new tyre and vent your spleen on the cat.
Get the tyre professionally repaired . I average about 2 punctures a year and still ride the heap quite quickly on repairs .

A lot of places wonrt repair "Z" rated tyres
but a few do
Same happened to me mate, my tyres were Z rated and the local garrage refused to repair it, on checking out why i found out that the compound on Z tyres dont take a repair well when they heat up. I shelled out on a new tyre, suggest you do the same its not worth the risk, also it can affect your insurance.
Tire sealents are meant as a "get you home" option, not a permanant fix.
Slime is a little different but it is NOT rated for Z rated tyres. Fine in an old landy if offroading, but on a bike, I would never risk it.

The reason Z rated tyres are hard to repair is because of the carcass construction. One damaged it can lead to all sorts of things such as delamination. Repairs are covered by BSI 195f or some such.

You can read about what can and cant be repaired here...

British Standards for puncture repairs - | Motorbike Tyres | Motorcycle Tyre Reviews | Tyre Advice | MCN

My view is, its the only thing keeping you on the road..make sure its in perfect condition, no scrimping.
Got to agree with all the above. Sealant is a temporary fix and repairs are best kept to low performance applications - which yours is not. If it was a car tyre I would say different but as it is a bike, the risks are just not worth it.

On the positive side, sounds like you get a good deal on your tyres!
On balance, I was looking for the cheap solution. Guess I will just have to suck it up and get a new tyre. I am just so cheesed off with having to replace a tyre that hadn't been on the bike more than 20 minutes.

BlokeonaBike. Its not bad for a set of Metzler RoadTecs, including fitting and balancing. If you're ever looking for tyres in the Salisbury Plains area, I can recommend the Bridge Garage in Shrewton. Good, no nonsense service by guys who know what they are doing and talking about.

Cheers for the advice.

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