Motorbike test

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chuzu, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Can Standard learning credits be used to do the test?

    ta in advance
  2. Not if your in the TA.
  3. A WO (Regular) in my HQ tried to use it to qualify as a bike instructor and was turned down.
  4. Ive never heard of anyone successfully getting the bike licence against learning credits.
    As there are courses available thru the system, I doubt you'd get it. I plagued my MTWO and eventually got mine.
  5. Sorry, but it's pretty lame to think that past learning achievements can be used to pass a motorbike really need to experience riding a bike for real, and pass the test properly. It's not a fcuking toy to be played with! Not wishing to put anybody down on their abilities, but the standard of car drivers these days is atrocious, and sodding dangerous!! you need to learn how to deal with these hazards. The bast@ard car drivers will fecking have you if you don't....
  6. Eh? Say again all after 'Sorry...'

    I thought he was after using Learning Credits to pay for his test...not pass it for him?!
  7. :oops: red wine kicking in guys......
    lost the plot again just like the twwwaaaattttt i always have been
  8. And some lame fecking woman took me off my bike yesterday.... :(
  9. Sorry to hear that, hope you are ok and the bike is reasonable shape.
  10. I'm fine. The bike (GSXR1thou) is trashed all down the right side. Silly bitch decided to come into my lane without seeing me. Took me clean off. Only had it 3 months, fecking gutted. can't bear to look out in the garage at the mo....

    But i don't want to detract from the thread....apologies for misreading the initial subject. Go for anything free, or subsidised, that you can get. The test out here costs the earth, and if you can get anything deducted from the cost all the better. Hope all goes well for you. If you pass, ride safely, and look out for all the pillocks that profess to be car drivers mate.
  11. Bolt Loose, funnily enough yesterday I smashed off a womans wing mirror for nearly doing the same thing to me!! Always seems to be women!!
  12. I was told by a mate many moons ago, that he used his annual educational allowance to subsidise his CBT!

    He got an officer to sign the duty form! Caused a bit of a storm in a teacup at the time as soon afterwards everyone tried it on! :D

    I think it was borderline on the rules, but against the Ethos of the education allowance and cannot be used for that now!

    Enhanced Learning Credits should be a different matter. You will have to find an accredited training Supplier and say you want to be a Civvy Despatch rider or something! :wink:

    Best bet, ask the AEC or IERO!

    And surf the bejaysus out of the suppliers on this link!
  13. My mate has just done his test as resettlement.
  14. Really? How did he wangle that?
  15. You haven't pointed out that he failed............!!