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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by ginger_carpenter, May 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Im looking to for a motorbike that can handle distance trips (300 miles or so) now and again. I have a small budget of £1400 Max. There are loads of:

    Yamaha Diversions,
    Honda CB's
    Suzuki gsf's
    Kawasaki GPZ's

    What do you suggest? Cheers,

  2. As the old quote goes..
    "What do you call a motorbiker? A donor."

    Please either get a good car or always wear the right gear and never ever take a pillion passenger. Most of the dead/brain injured ones I've cared for were on the pillion.
  3. Try the BMW owners club

    Can usually find a few K100, K75 and even K1100 for sale well within the budget.

    German build and will eat motorway miles for breakfast

  4. The Diversion's a good bike. I had the model it replaced as an upgrade, an XJ900, and regularly ran from west Cornwall up to Stranraer, without too much hassle. With a white half fairing, a white lid and black Belstaffs, most drivers assumed I was a cop and GTF out of my way.

    However, if you can stretch your budget I'd go for a Beemer.
  5. I've had a fair few bikes. About the best all-round commuter/ working bike in my experience was the Divvy 900.
  6. Kawazaki ZZR 600s' are very good. Get a touring screen for about £40 and off you go. Very comfortable too.
    As for the posters comment about donors, get a life. I rode for 16 years with no problems at all, that included riding too and from Germany on leave several times a year. You can live in cotton wool all you like, I'd prefer to live a little than not at all.
  7. Honda CBR600, best bike ever made, rock solid reliable, plenty power and comfort.Cheap to run and maintain...
  8. Yeah cheers for that! He asked for ideas of good commuters not anti-bike rhetoric! Plenty of cage drivers that end up blended with their boxes!

    Anyway, back on thread, avoid any sports shape as the legs up arms down position will cripple you after a while, best bet is have a play and go for some rides at your local dealers expense, then buy through your local free ads.

    Had a Honda Hornet for a while, was like sitting on a sofa!
  9. Suzuki GSX600F or (preferably) GSX750F. Faired, comfortable, ugly and likely to be had for silly money these days.

    Ignore numbnuts up there. Most of the braindead ones are usually behind the wheel playing with phones, pies or satnavs...
  10. My mate has a CBR600 and it seems to suit him well for motorway journeys. Might get one myself when I have a bit of money, as it seems comfortable enough to sit on, and I'm 6'4".
  11. Yamaha Thundercat. Most comfortable bike I've owned.
    Just watch out for the gearbox jumping out of 2nd gear,
    highly underrated and can be picked up for realistic money.
  12. Hello ginger_carpenter,

    I have done 600 miles in eleven hours on an R6 with no problems.
    You can get a decent older 600 for that price and it will do anything you ask.
    Just avoid the more extreme sports 600s,new YZFR6s,very old FZR600s and a few others can be less than luxurious.

  13. msr

    msr LE

    54 mph?

  14. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    Advice from an old sod. Get a Beemer. It will go for years, no chains to stretch and adjust, lower engines revs, much more restful on long runs. More to the point, just think that everything with more than two wheels is out to get you, you will find that generally that that is the case. Ride well.