Motorbike licencse or full driving licence?


I have neither at the moment as i have never really bothered with driving after buying myself a rather expensive drumkit!

Just wondering if buying a bike, insuring and running it is more cost effective than a car?

Just looking into it as i am getting to the end of my teather with public transport and there is only so far i can go with my mountain bike!

So would it be better for me than a car for getting away at the weekend to go see mates (and potential missus) at uni and whatnot? Don't really have a need to be lugging lots of stuff around so that's one reason i would be choosing a bike over a car.

Also do you have to start on mopeds? I'm 19 so it's not like i should be limited to a 50cc chavbike?

I'm getting on a bit but as far as cost goes I can tax,insure,MOT and stick a good few tanks of petrol in my ZZR600 (old ish middleweight sports tourer) than it costs to insure my crappy car and the bike gets better fuel figures too. I'd go bike while you can. That said I've no idea on the current licencing setup, you'd have to check that out first as it's complicated and difficult to get tests in some areas at the minute.
Weigh it up,

Bike Pluses: Boatloads cheaper to learn, buy, insure, tax, maintain, fast through traffic and on a good day a pleasure to ride, also easy to do basic maintenance

Bike Minuses: Everyone on the road thinks you are a target/invisible, you can get seriously cold and wet in the winter, limited carrying capacity.

Car Pluses: Inherantly safer than a bike, out of the wind and rain, larger carrying capacity

Car Minuses: Costly in just about every way, stuck in huge swathes of traffic, would probably get driving course in Army for nothing anyway.

Suggest as a start you take CBT and get a 125, there are some nice ones about,for instance the Honda Varadero etc., get your kit off eBay (but ffs buy a NEW helmet!), far cheaper, then think of doing the restricted licence, then after 2 years you can ride anything after you have got some experience.

In that amount of time, if you are thinking of joining up, you will have had a driving course, I mean it only cost me £10 to learn to drive a car coutesy of Her Maj.!


Thanks for that! Great information!
Yes i was planning on getting the car licence once i'm in! So this will help in the meantime! I'll start looking into it!

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