Motorbike Headlight confusion at bfg centre maybe???

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Monkey-Cruncher, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. I called into the BFG office to check to see if my bike had a flat beam or a uk beam, he kindly checked it for me to tell me that it was uk.

    ok not a problem I thought.

    Parked bike in garage tonight and beem was totally flat against the wall with no kick up like my german bandit has???

    I am confused as what to do now as a new headlight for a ZX9R is 380 Euro's in Bielefeld! Having no real look with ebay either!

    Help pse
  2. I always thought motorbikes had neutral beams????
  3. So did I pal, until I bought the Z German Bandit, which has the left hand drive flick up kind of beam! Thats why I went to check the ZX9R's???
  4. What happens when you corner the other way??!?!?
  5. the same as the oposite corner but without the light flick I guess... :p
  6. 8O
  7. Simple to check, look at your headlight there should be an arrow on it.
    If it points left then its a UK headlight and a BFG fail.
    If it points right then its a european headlight therfore a BFG pass.
    If it points both ways its a flat beam and again a BFG pass.