motorbike experience

Discussion in 'ACF' started by, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. did anyone do the motorbike activity this year? was it as good as last year?cant wait to do it again next camp..
  2. That sounds like fun! who organised it and where was it?
  3. at this years A/C its via the Royal Signals in Blandford. Need info ?
  4. Yes Please!
  5. Thanks for that.

    I am with Cheshire ACF. We're off to Devon next year and its not a million miles from Blandford.
  6. We have an AI (Our RSM) who runs a motorbike awareness scheme for the police, and brings the motorbikes to our annual camp every year.

    Its a great activity, the cadets love it. It may be worth a chat with your local plod to see if they have something similer
  7. Matey maybe you should check when posts have last been edited :roll:

  8. ROFLMAO!!
  9. ....................and Blandford near Manchester and Skegness............but I suppose on a world scale???

    I can't type and chuckle at the same time gotta stop