Motorbike and sidecar combination hire


Hello folks, I'm looking for a Ural combo to hire or borrow possibly with a driver as I only have a car license to deliver the spawn of satan to his school dance in a couple of weeks. He is fond of military vehicles and as hiring a sherman is a tad difficult I though sticking him in a sidecar with a German lid on and letting him arrive memorably!
Any ideas? I've only found one website that hires, MPD motorbikes and waiting on a reply at the moment!


Cheers for this lads, I will chase up the mil vehicle lads. I have been in touch with one firm that rents Urals but I dont have a bike license. I may have to get a mate to ride it!
I would echo the F2 motorcycles in Banbury suggestion.
If they cant help you, you cant be helped!
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