Motorbike across Canada East to West coast

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Ayrforce1, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. As the title says has anyone done this or planning to do this? I am interested and would love some info and direction to websites etc for maps and planning.

  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I would think the maps and planning is quite easy; start at Halifax and go west, or start in Vancouver and go east - depends whether you want the sun in your eyes in the morning or the afternoon.......

    Canada is quite big, you may need to bring a spare can of benz (they call it gas).
  3. This fellow did it in winter - and was pulled over by the Mounties a few times, as they couldn't believe it.
    Coast to Coast Canada in winter?? - ADVrider
    They also thought he was breaking some laws - he wasn't!
    You'll find many more trip reports on that site and there are clearly better times to ride across Canada.

    ADVrider - View Single Post - Coast to Coast Canada in winter??
    blast, I got hooked into rereading this again.....
    Here's the Brit brother to ADV - Horizons Unlimited
    Horizons Unlimited - THE Motorcycle Travel site

    Good Luck.
  4. Did Washington (DC) to Washington (State) along the main freeways but that was a good few years ago and in a car so not a lot of use to you but it was still fun.
  5. You would need to plan your stops very carefully, especially when you when you get on the MMFP (miles and miles of fcuking prairie). Although, if you go from Halifax, Nova Scotia is quite varied, the landscape quickly becomes long and boring.
  6. As said it's very big and I underestimated this and some days I was driving for 8 hours but that was in a motorhome. You'll find some municipal campsites that are free but I don't have any links. Goes without saying to be aware of bears. The link to horizons unlimited will be of much use.
  7. Sounds like fun but my experience of that continent is all internal to the USA.

    As previously mentioned, I suspect your biggest problem is going to be fuel range. That and a sore arrse!
  8. ADVRider is the place to look. Great site.

    ADVrider - Powered by vBulletin

    There is a thread about a cross Canada route but i can't be bothered to do your search for you as I'm not planning to do it myself for another 2 years. ;-)
  9. Very good point - if, as Jarrod says you end up riding MMFP then this is well worth getting:
    AIRHAWK | Comfort Seating Products, Motorcycle Seat Cushions
    expensive, but it works and really makes the difference if you have long days in the saddle.
  10. I also found if there was an accident of course there are no side roads or short cuts. It gets frustrating I sat for a very long time one day waiting for a road to be cleared. Beautiful scenery and you won't be pestered by the Chav package holiday creatures.
  11. What bike are you planning it use ? Mine has a range of 300 miles on a tank. And you can create a place on your panniers for a fuel can if you feel the need but I'd be suprised if fuel was a problem unless making some serious backcountry detours. Generally roads go to settlements and these are rarely more than a truck tank full of fuel apart. They used to be based on a 2-3 day ride by horse.

    I claim no great knowledge of Eastern Canada though as all my work took me to the Central, Western & North Western parts of Canada ( I was doing seismic surveying ) and therefore could be totally wrong ! :)
  12. Thanks fo rall the replies so far,

    I have been planning this for a wee while now and just need some external input. I am planning on shipping my ol dbike across (Bandit) and using that then retiring it when done. Hopefully missus will be back up in a winnebago for the night and fuel reserves!!!! she may just desert me and drive on! ;)

    Plan to go from East to west and then have a few days to relax sightseeing along the way with her who must be obeyed.
  13. So fuel and somewhere to 'park your bike' (oh, err missus, titter ye not) aren't issues then :)
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    You just need a Harley with a blanket strapped to the front forks, lots of tinned baked beans, plenty of coffee, and a cooking pot - and perhaps a bottle of JD for when you get misty eyed looking up at stars.
    Don't be a poof, you know it makes sense.