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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Neuroleptic, May 12, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone explain clearly (not like my admin people then) why I suddenly need to upgrade my insurance to business rate after years when it didn't seem to matter?
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    No doubt because they have decided to enforce the rules that were in play when even I was in they are so old.
    So how many years have you got away with having insufficient insurance Mr Neuroleptic? :D
  3. Same length of time as everyone else I suppose :D .

    More seriously, why is my insurance insufficient?
  4. You need to uprate to business usage if you use your vehicle for travel to various places of work beyond standard commuting so if you are, for example, a recruiting NCO using your own vehicle and claiming MMA then you need the additonal insurance and always have done.
  5. Well that's a bit clearer. But what about home to duties? Is that affected or is it just duty to duty trips?
  6. If you are travelling from your home to Unit X every day normal social, domestic and pleasure to and from work insurance applies. If however, you need to go to another Unit for work even for one day you should have Class 1 business use and from what I have read recently may need to prove it in order to claim money back.

  7. Should this question be put to the Admin office or the MT ?

    For some years I had insurance which covered me to multiple places of work, which was ideal for courses, etc.

    I checked with my insurance broker first and fully informed them of my employment practices and this is what was recommended.

    My admin people have always held a copy of my insurance certificate stating this.
  8. Where did you read that and when was it dated ?
  9. Mainly because the answers I got were vague and contradicted one another in a few places, I wondered whether anyone here could provide more definitive advice.
  10. It's all a bit vague atm and needs clarification, I think.
  11. So what you're saying is that it does not help when civvies like Lynx_Civvy_Pads_Wife_tips sticks her old-wives-tale rumours into military business which will soon change as it will be covered by JPA anyways ?
  12. Goose get a life. Neuroleptic check here but I am sure Paywog or some other helpful person can quote you Chapter and Verse.

    Furryturd's post above mine also says you have always needed it if you are claiming MMA (hence my comment that I had read it somewhere I apologise if I gave the impression I had read you are required to prove it). Although, last time I checked, which admittedly was a few years ago, any claim resulting in payment from public funds was subject to audit and as part of an audit you can be asked for proof to substantiate your claim. I'm sure someone with more knowledge than a Civvy_Pads_Wife will come along and correct me if I am wrong on either point (and I am happy to be wrong, I hasten to add).

    When the JPA changes come into effect it is covered under 04.0617 Insurance Cover and 04.0618 Insurance Checks.
  13. That's basically true, you have to sign a certificate that you have business class insurance and at least £10M's worth of cover to claim PCR. Your RAO should do a 10% check of insurance documents to validate the system. No insurance (at the right level) equals no claims.
  14. It used to be that to claim PCR/PTR or ODR you needed to sign a certificate to the effect that you had sufficient insurance to cover you, the requirement for this certificate was removed in 1999 but replaced with a similar cetificate on the 1771 -

    "8. Where MMA is claimed for the use of a private motor vehicle, I understand the requirement and am covered accordingly. I will not seek to recover from the MOD (AD) any amount which I may be required to pay as a result of any excess clause except in any case where my motor vehicle has sustained damage within the limits of the excess on my policy as a result of the negligence of the driver of a MOD vehicle. "

    This is the last para before you sign the form!

    The actual insurance requirement is laid down in JSP 752 Chapter 4:

    04.0617. Insurance Cover. It is the personal responsibility of a Service person using their private motor vehicle on an authorised duty journey to ensure that the vehicle insurance policy covers the risks set out below and is insured for business use and has the following minimum cover:

    a. MMA at ODR. Service personnel using their private motor vehicle on duty journeys and claiming MMA at ODR must be insured with a financial limit of not less than £10M against claims in respect of:

    (1) Damage or loss of the vehicle.

    (2) Bodily injury to or death of third parties.

    (3) Bodily injury to or death of any passenger.

    (4) Damage to the property of third parties.

    b. MMA at PCR. Service personnel using their private motor vehicle and claiming MMA at PCR must be insured with a financial limit of not less than £10M against claims in respect of 04.0617a(2) to (4).

    c. Motorcycles. Service personnel using their private motorcycle on official duty must be covered by at least third party insurance.

    d. Equipment. Service personnel who use their private vehicle to convey cash, Service clothing or official equipment associated with their duties are to ensure that their insurance is not invalidated by the conveyance of such items.

    04.0618. Insurance Checks. When required, a Service person must furnish proof of insurance, by producing for inspection the policy together with the receipt for the current premium or the Certificate of Motor Insurance.

    The need to check polcies is currently being pushed by SPS branches - RAOs are to check a minimum of 10% of policies annually for personnel claiming PCR or ODR. Really the main point here is the fact that if you are on a duty journey in your own car other than commuting between home and your normal place of duty and you have an accident you are not covered by insurance unless you have Class 1 Business cover- the fact that you may have trouble putting your travel claim in would then be the last thing on your mind!!
  15. Is not the simple answer to refuse to use your own car for duty trips and force your unit to provide you with a hire car. I simply refuse to use my own car for the good and benefit of the Army - you wouldn't get Phoney Blair or two jags using their own cars for official busniess so why should we!