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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by uncle_vanya, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Years ago, as I understand it, if you had Fully Comprehensive Insurance, you could drive any other vehicle as long as you had permission from the registered vehicles keeper or owner, the fully comp. policy covered this.

    Now I understand that since insurance has changed, even with fully comp. insurance. My question is:-

    Is the motor insurance policy related / linked to the vehicle to be insured, or is it linked ot the named driver?

    If you are in an emergency situation where the insured and registered owner of a vehicle is taken ill, and one of the passengers has a full & current driving licences, and full comp. insurance on their own vehicle - are they technically breaking the law if they attempted to drive the vehicle that the current driver is ill?

    Is there such an animal insurance wise that is still obtainable whereby the policy covers you for any other vehicle, (as long as you have permission to drive it), and your own vehicle?

    Are premiums likely to be loaded high by motor insurance if your insurance is for 'Any Driver' (unamed?), or is there such a class of insurance.
  2. As it happens I changed cars recently, and new docs arrived only the other day. On the certificate, which is only TPF&T (for a banger) it says (not verbatim): May (with permission) drive other cars not owned by me or hired by me. I changed insurers a year or two ago and don't recollect it being on their certificates, although I've had it on other ones in the past. I don't know where she's put the thing but I'm sure it's Zurich insurance.

    As far as "Any Driver" insurance goes, it varies depending on a number of factors, including you, but more importantly the age of the youngest driver (i.e. any driver over 25, for instance). I've seen "Any Driver" policies at no extra cost under the right conditions.

    That's been my experience anyway.
  3. Check the policy my policies still allow me to drive other vehicles. The other vehicles would be insured by someone else, your policy is just for you.
  4. I've never really understood what the cover for any other vehicle means, and when I've asked I have had conflicting and confusing information. Once I was told: yes, you are covered but you have to tell us what you're doing. Unlikely to be on your mind in the sort of crisis you mention.

    "Any Driver" is something I've managed to retain over the years, sometimes with difficulty. Rarely used but occasionally a useful thing to have. Definite push to "named drivers only".

    Last renewal I asked about price difference for the "any driver", it was only about twenty quid so I kept it.

    Now so much is done on-line, not easy to get anything other than the standard offering. I remember when you could talk to real people
  5. I always took it at face value, and never asked, so never heard that. Mind you I've never splattered anybody else car, only my own.

    Agreed, but you can push for it if you really want. I find it depends on the insurer.

    I've used the same brokers since the early '80s. was Kendal Insurance Brokers, now its called Blue Fin. Got a bit corporate in recent years, but seems still run by decent eggs, you can still speak to a young scrummy and they'll do you favours that internet companies can't. Fnar. No not those sort of favours.
  6. When I renewed my insurance in August, and i'm fully comp, and as standard I am covered to drive other vehicles. But only on a third party basis so if I take the wheel after (for instance) my mate gets ill, and I crash the car, my mates car will not be repaired by my insurance. My mrs can't drive other vehicles yet, because Shea under 25 and had licence less than a year. When she's turned 25 or been driving a year(whichever first) she too can drive other vehicles(still only third party basis). I think the third party basis thing is quite common too, as the mrs worked for an insurance company an she said all the underwriters applied the same terms.
  7. Check the policy wording, it doesn't seem to be hard and fast across the industry. I've had comp policies that allow me to drive any car "not owned or hired" by me, any car in an emergency (e.g. driver ill) provided that it has an insurance policy applied to it (so you can't just drive around in an otherwise uninsured car) and no car but my own.

    In the dim and distant past, I've also had TPFT policies that had the "in an emergency" clause for driving other cars, so maybe not just restricted to comp policies.
    When the policy has allowed driving of another car, it only provided Third Party cover.

    Reminds me. There was an occasion when I had TPFT on one car and comp on another. The TPFT car got nicked, the insurer wouldn't pay up (couldn't prove it was nicked because it wasn't recovered...)* but managed to immediately cancel and strip the NCD from both policies.

    *Cops later advised me that they'd got the contents (but not the car) but I couldn't have them as they were evidence. 30 years later, they've still got the stuff as far as I'm aware.