Motor Insurance Excess

Motor Insurance Excess, can someone confirm to me whether I am completely wrong on this one.

If you are involved in an accident (which both the police and insurance companies agree that it is not your fault) would you expect to have to pay the excess on a comprehensive insurance policy?

I thought that it was only when you were responsible for the accident that you payed the excess.

Anyone any ideas before I give my insurance company a hard time.

After deleting my earlier post to research this, I'll repeat what I stated. You have to pay the excess initialy for your insurance company to handle your claim. If, as you've stated, liability is with another insured driver, you can then recover this cost, along with the costs of the repairs, from their insurance. This is something that your insurance company would do.

You should then be at the same point as you were with your insurance that you were before the incident. However, a number of companies are now taking into account previous incidents, even when you are not to blame and costs have been recovered.

It may be worth getting a letter to the effects that all costs were recovered and you were not to blame from your insurers, just to cover your back.

Not an ideal way for it to work, but if there is a problem with recovering the costs, your insurer isn't out of pocket which is what they'll be concrened (sp?)about.

Whilst your insurer does not get involved in recovering any excess on your behalf, if you have legal protection this provides assistance to pick up this element of a claim in the case of a non fault accident, together with any other costs incurred (ie: loss of earnings, hire car/travel expenses etc). The legal cover provider will also act on the insured's behalf to recover their costs up to the legal expenses cover provided, to put the client back in to the same position as they were prior to the incident

Something to think about when you consider whether or not you want to add the relatively small amount required for legal cover to your annual motor premium.

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