Motor Dilemma

Do I buy a 95N Disco Tdi Auto with 100k for £1500?

It books at about 2k, almost everything works except rear leccy windows & rear wiper (fuses most likely), has a towbar but has allegedly never pulled anything more than a trailer (despite having a 'horsey' spare wheel cover), doesn't smoke, drives OK for a Disco and despite the mandatory damp boot doesn't appear too rusty.

Engine is sweet as a nut, despite documented history to 30k only, uncertain if it's had the belt change though.

The thing is, until my redundancy period runs out, I'm in the bloody motor trade and should know better, but I'm having serious 'gimme-itis'.

I really, really should know better at my age...

Anyone else affected by the urge to own Solihull's finest?
I would avoid an autobox in this vehicle. Better fuel consumption with a manual. They do start to want a lot of attention by this age.
Aye, if you're in the trade, have a bit of mechy knowledge and can source cheap parts, it sounds like a bargain.

If you're a mechanical mong, forget it. If you want a 4x4 of that age, look at a Shogun/Pajero or LandCruiser.


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Sounds like a piece of crap to me.
I am usually a fan of automatic vehicles but the Disco is an exception. It has no 'get up and go' so if you need to pull out of a junction quickly - hold on the brake, rev the engine and go....and hope.
Generally more kit in a Pajero than a Shogun.

Land Cruiser is generally regarded as a better motor than either though.
On an N plate it is possible to have serious rust issues already.
Check body mounts, especially the rear body mounts up behind the back bumpers, they go 1st. If the rear door shows any signs of scraping the bumper its best to walk away, the hinges may have dropped a little but its nearly always due to rot. Lift the boot carpet and check for holes in the floor. Check the bottom of the A pillars and inner and outer cills.
The 300Tdi auto does have more power than the manual to compensate for the auto box but it will be pretty slow, don't worry about the belt its not a catastrophe if they break. Will just need to replace a couple of bent pushrods any at worst a broken rocker or two. If you replace the belt but a wole kit on complete with idlers and make sure they are running true.
Little signs of rust, rear door A-Ok, boot carpet damp but floor looks OK (will ramp it tomorrow).

Land Cruiser too big, Pajero's driven by scrotes round here, plus the engine is sweet as and it's British. And I have lots of tools.

The last time I felt like this I bought a Trooper....(sigh)
Know how u feel civvy_shot

I had the chance to own one of solihulls finest at the end of last year - unfortunatly the dealer who sold it too me saw me coming in the biggest window ever as i have no mech knowledge and it was a pile of crap. having said that ive still got the bug and would love to own another land rover - poss a freelander this time?!?

Id say if you have the knowledge and tools etc then allow yourself some fun and go for it.

Just dont be too disapointed if its not perfect!
Land Rover Discovery's in general, and especially anything of this mark are a piece of crap and should be avoided at any price, especially as has been mentioned with the auto gearbox...

The whole thing is made of salvaged unused interior parts from other glaring pieces of turd from Rover, like montego window switches etc...

Seriously, don't buy it you'll regret it.

Land Rover (Civvy) are nothing like Land Rover (Mil) ....they just don't cut the mustard, and handle like a snooker table on roller boots, with brake discs designed for the metro and an interior designed by a spastic with an autistic love of beige in all its shades.

saying "solihulls finest" is hardly a glowing badge of recommendation is it, lets face it without the mil contract Land Rover would of gone west with its crappy cousin...jesus I cheered the day Rover went bust, utter piles of shite built by f uckwits with crap accents.
It's about 500 over the odds, whatever the book says. If you want it, wave a grand at him in cash; if he doesn't bite walk away. Cheap discos this age are ten a penny. At least with the slushbox you don't have to worry about the gearbox exploding. If the standard performance isn't enough for you, get the gearbox valve block tweaked, up the boost and get a bigger intercooler from Allard or Jeremy Fearn.

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